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Reports and Dashboards Overview

Gainsight NXT


This article provides an overview of Reports and Dashboards.


As a company, you have plenty of customer data available, but the meaningful insights on these may be hard to find. You may have many teams that touch a customer, but no means to coordinate their actions.

Gainsight accumulates and turns disparate customer data from multiple sources into a single source of truth. Review the Customer data-driven insights and deploy actions that drive business outcomes for your clients.

Gainsight Reports and Dashboards are the reporting tools that power your business intelligence. They comprise several features that allow you to make the most of your data to generate business insights for your organization.

The benefits of using Reports and Dashboards include:

  • Usability - take advantage of the easy-to-use interface to build reports and dashboards with visually appealing charts and graphs.

  • Customization - leverage a wide range of options in data source, report visualizations, dashboard layouts, and other settings.

  • Integration - report on data from Salesforce and Gainsight, build dashboards leveraging these reports.

    IMPORTANT: Once the Reporting is Generally Available for all customers, you can integrate these reports and dashboards with other features in Gainsight, such as C/R360, Email Assist, etc.

Dashboards page is the primary location for all end users to view dashboards. From here, you can see all of the available dashboards that you have access to.

Use Dashboards page to:

  • View all available dashboards.

  • Adjust global dashboard filters to slice and dice the data for multiple reports in a dashboard in one go.

  • Email dashboards to Gainsight users as live links or as PowerPoint presentations.

  • Adjust the filters and visualizations types of individual reports.

  • Export individual reports as images or Excel.

Reporting Capabilities

Gainsight offers a broad suite of reporting capabilities that include:

  • Sophisticated custom report builder that can build powerful table, bar, bubble and other chart types on any Gainsight standard or custom objects.

  • Flexible Dashboard Manager that lets you create dashboards for various roles or processes, such as Executive Dashboards, or a Renewals Dashboard.

  • Dashboards Permissions to assign permissions to dashboards and restrict a user/group of users from accessing a single or set of dashboards.

Users can view reports and dashboards on the Dashboards page. Only Administrators, or other users who are granted access to the report builder, can view and create reports in the Report Builder. 

Gainsight analytics support time-series trends, as well as joining data from different subject areas. Below is an example dashboard you can build in Gainsight: