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Configure Aliases in Reports

Gainsight NXT


This article explains admins on how to rename or customize the labels in the chart visualizations.


Aliases allows Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to make the visual charts in their business review decks more contextual and easily understandable for the target audience such as the Sales Director or a CEO, etc.

Example Business Use Case: For instance, a CSM wants to present a report to the Sales Director on the customer categories defined as per their annual revenue. Admin builds a report on the customer categories defined as per the business stages. For example, here the customers are categorized as: New customer, Launched, Adopting, Will Churn, Churn, etc. But, while sharing the report with the Sales Director, CSMs can use this feature to rename Will Churn as Attention Required, Churn as Lost Opportunity, etc. to make the report more contextual and understandable.

Aliases can be configured on the following data types:

  • String
  • Picklist
  • Boolean

To configure Aliases in Reports:

  1. Navigate to Insights > Report Builder > Reports List.

  2. Aliases can be configured on existing reports or can be assigned while creating a new report. To create new reports, click Create Report.

  3. From the Select Object dropdown, select an object.

  4. Add the required fields to Show Me and Group By.

  5. Select the required chart visualization from the right pane and run the report.

  6. For configuring Aliases in existing reports, click the Context menu and select Edit Report.


  • Configure Aliases only after you RUN the report.

  • Configure Aliases only on the fields added to Group By.

  • If you wish to Pivot on the reports, make sure it is applied only after the labels are already configured with Aliases.
  1. Click Settings/Gear icon on the Group By field to which aliases need to be configured.

  2. Click Configure Aliases. The Configure Aliases window appears.

  3. Enter the Alias Name you would like to assign for a value.
    Note: Configuring/entering the original and duplicate values in Aliases is not possible.

  4. Click Save, and Run the report to see the Alias Names assigned in the previous step.

  5. Click Save Report.
    Note: Configuring aliases will not have any impact on your original data.

Configure Aliases 1.jpeg


Aliased values persist even after you change the visualization type. You can also see the aliased data in the tabular visualization, but search and sort capabilities are not possible in the aliased column.

Configure aliases 2.jpeg

Drill Down Reports

Aliased values persist and are shown in drill-down reports upon clicking the visualizations.

Configure aliases 3.jpeg

Success Snapshot and Dashboard exports: Aliased values persist in both Tabular reports and chart visualizations.

Custom Colors: Custom colors applied on original data are not impacted by Aliases.

Dashboard External Sharing: Aliased values persist on both normal and shared dashboards.


  • Configuring Aliases is not possible in the reports that are already enabled with Pivot.

  • Configuring Aliases beyond 30 in a report is not possible. Ranking is disabled for aliased labels (fields).

  • All Filters, including Global Filters, work on the original value.