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Gainsight NXT


This article explains how Customer Success Managers (CSMs) can share a dashboard as a link or PPT through email with internal user(s) from the Dashboards tab.


Share Dashboards feature allows CSMs to share a dashboard with internal user(s), for example the Monthly Renewals dashboard with the CRO of the company, a CSM can generate a report and see how many CTAs each of his CSMs are working on, a CSM can schedule a risk dashboard with their manager, etc. To enable CSMs to share a dashboard, the dashboard must first be configured for sharing by the admin. Refer to the Configure Dashboard for Sharing article for information on how admins can configure a dashboard for sharing.


  • CSMs can share the configured dashboard through email as a link, with optional security settings. The internal users (recipients) need to be added as Gainsight users into the Gainsight User object. For more information on how a Gainsight user can be added, refer to Gainsight User Object article.

  • If users are unable to open the email link, contact your Gainsight Admin for help resolving the issue.

  • CSMs can see the dashboards that are assigned by admins, using Dashboard Permissions.

To share a dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboards page, from the dropdown list, select the required dashboard.


  • The dashboard shown in the Home page is in the original state as created by the admin. The recipient will receive the dashboard in its original state.
  • Any modifications done to reports in the Dashboards page must be saved before sharing.
  1. Click the Share icon. The Share Dashboard page appears. 
    Share icon.jpg
  1. Enter the recipient’s name in the Choose Users text box.

  • The recipient must be added as a Gainsight user into the Gainsight User object, in order to receive the dashboard via email.
  • Multiple recipients can be added to the list of Users.
  1. Enter details in the Subject field.
  2. (Optional) Enter details in the Note field.
  3. From the Share as dropdown list, select either Link or PPT.
  4. Sharing the dashboard as a Link enables the following sections:

Below steps are not applicable when sharing a dashboard as a PPT. You can skip the below steps and proceed to the next steps.

  1. Select Domain: From the Select Domain dropdown, select the domain of your choice.
  2. Enable OTP Verification: Select the Enable OTP Verification checkbox, to enable OTP verification. The OTP can be generated a maximum of five times per link, and the recipient can re-try it three times.
  3. Disable Download: Select the Disable Download checkbox, to restrict the data download from the reports or charts shared with users.

Note: Admins can disable downloading of report data from the General Settings. For more information, refer to the General Settings section in the Report List View and Settings article.

  1. Share Type: In the Share Type section, select either Share now or Schedule for setting the sharing criteria.
    1. Share now: Select this option to share the dashboard with users immediately and also set an expiry period for the link.
  • By default, the link is set to expire in 120 days. Set the expiration date as required from the Set Expiry Date text box.
  • The expiry period is not applicable when sharing the dashboard as PPT.

     b. Schedule: Select the required schedule type.

  • Daily: Select either Every Weekday (Mon-Fri) or Everyday to share the dashboard with users on a daily basis.
  • Weekly: Select the preferred day in a week for sharing the dashboards.
  • Monthly: Select a preferable Date or Day in a month to schedule sharing on a weekly basis.

To schedule the sharing:

  1. Select either Daily or Weekly or Monthly.
  2. From the On dropdown, select one of the following:
    • Every Weekday ( Mon-Fri)
    • Every Day
    • Every - define the number of days.
  3. From Starting From and Till Date dropdown, select the dates to schedule sharing.
  4. From the Schedule Run Time dropdown, select Once or Repeat.
  5. Set the time based on the above selection.
  6. From the Select a Time Zone, select the Timezone region.
  7. Click Share.


  • Whenever Admins make any changes to the dashboard’s sharing settings, CSMs must share the dashboard again for the latest changes to be reflected.
  • Any global filters applied by the admin while configuring the dashboard will be honored in the shared dashboard. Recipients are not allowed to add additional global filters, but the filter values for unlocked filters can be changed.
  • Sharing private dashboards provides access to users under the Give access to specific users group with View  permission.

Copy and Share Dashboard URL

CSMs can copy the Dashboard URL and share the dashaboard with users. Sharing via this method provides Admins and CSM executives with convenient dashboard access without compromising authentication.

To copy and share the dashbaord:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard page.
  2. From the three vertical dots menu. Click Copy Dashboard URL.

Once copied, CSMs or Admins can share the link with other users.

Capy Dashboard URL.jpg

Manage Shared Dashboards

The CSMs can use the Manage tab in the Share Dashboard configuration page to either edit or revoke access to the dashboards shared with users. To manage shared dashboards:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Dashboards.
  2. Click the Share icon. The Share Dashboard page appears
  3. Select the Manage tab. This page displays a list of users with whom the dashboard is shared. The following details are displayed:
  • Users: Displays the user name.
  • Share Type: Indicates the dashboard is shared as Link.
  • Frequency: Displays Once, if the dashboard is shared using Share now option. Displays Recurring, if the Schedule option is selected for sharing.
  • Shared On: Displays the date on which the Dashboard was shared.
  • Expires On: Displays the date on which the shared dashboard link expires.
  • Actions: Click the Context menu under Actions.
    • Click Edit to edit the settings for shared dashboards.
    • Click Delete to revoke access for a user.
  1. Click Share, to accept the changes made to the user list and share the dashboards.

Manage Tab.png

Edit Share

CSMs can edit the settings for shared dashboards on the Edit Share page.

  1. From the Context menu under Actions, click Edit.
  2. In the Edit Share page, perform the following functions:
    • To make changes, select the checkbox next to I want to make changes.
    • Change Domain as required.
    • Select or Deselect the OTP verification checkbox.
    • Select or Deselect the Disable Download checkbox.
    • Change the Expiry date, if the dashboard is shared as a link.
    • Change the Schedule, as required.

Note: Changes made to an already shared dashboard will be applicable to all previous shares as well.

Revoke Access

From the Manage page, CSMs can revoke access of a user from accessing a dashboard.

From the Context menu under Actions, click Delete. The following message is displayed. Click Yes to cancel access for the selected users.

Revoke Access.png

View Shared Dashboard

When a dashboard is shared by a CSM to internal users (Full and Viewer license users), a notification is sent to the recipient's email address. The email notification includes a link to the dashboard, the expiration date of the link, and information if the link requires OTP verification or not. Recipients will perform the following steps to access the shared dashboard:

  1. Click Click here to view button in the email notification.

Link email.png

Note: Admin can revoke the access to a user on a link of a shared dashboard, and perform other actions like managing the dashboards and links shared. When recipients click Click here to view to access a link that has been revoked, a login error screen appears.

  • In case the OTP access is invalid, the same message is displayed.
  • In both cases mentioned above, the recipients need to contact the person (CSM/AM) who shared the link.
  1. Click SEND to request an OTP password to be sent to the registered email ID.


  1. Recipients will receive an email that contains One Time Password.

OTP email.png

IMPORTANT: This One Time Password is time-sensitive. And in case of repeated unsuccessful attempts, the link becomes invalid. Reinitiate the access request in case the OTP is expired.

  1. Enter the OTP received, to access the link.
  2. Click RESEND, if recipients do not receive the OTP.
    Note: The OTP is valid for 5 minutes. If it expires, the recipients should send a request to the CSM/AM to share the dashboard again.

OTP verification.png

  1. Click VALIDATE. The shared dashboard is displayed.
    Note: The dashboard view is read-only and additional filters cannot be added to the reports or Global Filters. You can export the reports in the dashboard if the admin has enabled export.

user share dashboard.png

For information on how admins can configure a dashboard for sharing, refer to the Configure Dashboard for Sharing article.