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Configure Usage Section in C360/R360

Gainsight NXT


This article helps admins configure the Usage section in C360.


This article explains how admins can configure Usage Section, to help view usage data of a company/relationship in C360/R360. This is achieved by adding the usage layout defined in Adoption Explorer project, to the C360/R360 layout configuration page. 


  • Before you configure a Usage Section in a C360 layout, create a Project and a Usage Layout in the respective Adoption Explorer Project. For more information on how to create an Adoption Explorer Project, and a Usage Layout in an Adoption Explorer Project, refer to the Configure Projects in Adoption Explorer article.
  • To enable this project in C360, External Id in Adoption Explorer object must be mapped to external identifier field in the Gainsight's Company Object. Alternately, you can also create a custom field in the Gainsight's Company object from the Data Management page, and load the external ids into that field, and then map with the external id field in the Adoption Explorer object. For more information on how to do this mapping, refer to the Projects and Project Settings article.
  • To enable AE layouts in R360, Instance Identifier field in Adoption Explorer project must be mapped to the ID field (GS Relationship attribute) that uniquely identifies the Relationship in Gainsight’s Relationship object. This mapping creates a lookup for AE InstanceID to the GS Relationship object, and resolves the Instance identifier in usage data to Gainsight Relationship record.

Add & Configure Usage section

The Usage section in C360 lets you display Dashboards built in Adoption Explorer. Admins can drag and drop the Usage section to the C360 layout. Admins can select the Dashboards to be displayed as follows:

  1. In the Configure Sections step, drag and drop the Usage section from the left pane.
  2. Click Configure. The Save to Configure dialog is displayed, if you have not saved the layout. Click Yes to save the Usage section to the layout. 
  3. The Usage Configuration page is displayed. 
  4. Enter a name in the  Usage Name field.
  5. From the Projects dropdown, select the project for which you want to display a dashboard.
  6. From the Usage Dashboard dropdown, select the dashboard to be displayed in the C360 Usage page.
  7. (Optional) Add a Description.
  8. Click Save.

For more information on usage reports, refer to the  Create Usage Report in a Dashboard article.

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