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Sponsor Tracking Overview

Gainsight NXT

This article supports Gainsight NXT, the next evolution of the Customer Success platform. If you are using Gainsight CS Salesforce Edition, you can find supporting documentation by visiting the home page, and selecting CS > Salesforce Edition.

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IMPORTANT - Articles Impacted due to 6.34 October NXT Release

Due to the v6.34 October, 2022 release, this article has been impacted. Steps, images, and playable GIFs in this article will soon be updated to reflect the latest changes.

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This article introduces Admins and CSMs to one of Gainsight’s churn minimization features called Sponsor Tracking.


In today’s world of cut-throat competition, it is extremely essential to keep track of all customer facets. Sponsors are the key contacts at your customer's site. If your sponsor leaves your customer, the new individual can easily influence the customer to change vendors. Many companies are not aware when their key advocates and sponsors leave. The top controllable indicator of future churn is sponsor change.

Sponsor Tracking works on the principle that prevention is better than cure, and thus provides timely notifications to CSMs, every time there is a change in the status of the contact being tracked. Sponsor tracking monitors popular social media sites including Linkedin, Facebook and Google+ and notifies the CSM about changes in the contact's profile.These changes include the Sponsor’s role /title/designation, location, sponsor’s company, etc.

Sponsor Tracking is merged with People List, maintaining the same functionality. It is available on the list view and in the three-vertical dots menu icon.

The following image shows that Sponsor Tracking is integrated with People List keeping the same functionality.

Alphabet C360 2022-05-25 at 12.07.57 PM.jpg

Use Sponsor Tracking from C360 Page 

You can use Sponsor Tracking from the C360 page. The Sponsor Tracking section in C360 page allows you to perform various tasks like adding a Person record to be tracked, Viewing tracked person’s social profile and so on. 

You can perform a Sponsor Tracking and Sponsor Tracking in bulk from the C360 page.

Sponsor Tracking

Users can add a person record for Sponsor Tracking. A person record from the People List tab under People section in C360 is elected to the Sponsor Tracking lifecycle.

Track a Sponsor from C360

To track a Sponsor from the C360 page:

  1. Navigate to the C360 page of the required Company.
  2. From the list view, click the three-vertical dots menu icon against the contact that needs to be tracked.
  3. Click Start Tracking. Gainsight passes the name, company, email (and other configurable fields) to the API.

spt u.png 2022-06-06 at 3.59.17 PM.jpg
Note: Gainsight tries to match this information to its database of contacts and returns a profile or set of profiles that might be a match. If the contact's LinkedIn profile is not found, you may paste the contact's LinkedIn URL.

  1. The Tracking Status column displays the stage the profile is in. There are three different statuses available under the tracking status:

  • Pending: At this point, a match still may not be found, in which case Gainsight will search publicly available social networks for the details on the contact’s social profile. In the meantime, Gainsight identifies the contact's Sponsor Tracking status as Pending.

    Sponsor tracking pening.jpg

  • Match Found: For the person records with the status as Match Found, click the three-vertical dots menu icon and select View Match.​​​​​​

    The Start Tracking  popup appears with the following options:

  1. Find a New Match: Allows you to restart the staging/queuing process in case you’re not happy with the match found. This action reverts the status of the contact to Pending.
  2. Start Tracking: Allows you to initiate tracking the person as a Sponsor. This action updates the status of the contact to Tracked.

    SPT Doc review changes - Zoom 2022-05-24 at 2.45.18 PM (1).jpg
  • No Match Found: For person records  that did not return any matches, the status displays as No Match Found. In such cases, Gainsight recommends that you select the Stop Tracking option and re-initiate it.

    Note: Sponsor Tracking finds the Gainsight Person’s social profile links and images from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and displays them on the Sponsor Tracking card. Click the social media links to open the respective social media link in a new tab/window. Only changes to the contact's LinkedIn profile (title, company, location) trigger a Call to Action (CTA) for the CSM.

Sponsor Tracking Updates

Sponsor Tracking Updates is an exclusive screen for the end users to keep a tab on the updates which flow in for all the sponsors for whom they are tracking.Following are the types of updates included:

  • Change in Job Title
  • Change in Company 
  • Change in Location

A notification (a number displayed next to the Sponsor Tracking Updates option) appears when there is a change in sponsor’s profile, as shown in the following image:

Alphabet C360 2022-05-25 at 1.48.42 PM.jpg

End users can either go through each update and click  Accept or go through the entire updates and click Accept All.

Alphabet C360 2022-05-25 at 1.51.49 PM.jpg

The View Details option allows you to view tracking details.


The Tracking Updates tab displays personalized updates of an individual in one place.


Tracking History helps populate the timeline in chronological order for any customer.

People Management for 6.32 Release - Zoom 2022-05-10 at 4.31.31 PM.jpg

Sponsor Tracking in Bulk  

Users can add multiple person records for Sponsor Tracking.Sponsor Tracking in bulk allows you to select multiple  person records from the People List tab under People section in C360 into the Sponsor Tracking lifecycle.

Track Sponsors from C360

To track the sponsors from the C360 page:

  1. Navigate to the C360 page of the required Company.
  2. Click the filter icon or the  All Status drop down options to narrow down the person records.
  3. Select the person records that need to go into the Sponsor Tracking lifecycle.
    Note: Multi select option can be used to select multiple person records at once.

  4. Click Start Tracking. The Start Tracking pop-up window appears.

  5. Click Confirm to move the selected person records to the Sponsor Tracking lifecycle. Gainsight does not consider the person records with tracking statuses as Tracked, Pending ,View Matches or No Match Found for tracking.

  6. Click Sponsor Tracking Updates. The Tracking Updates slide-out panel appears.
  7. Click the Suggested Profiles tab. The relevant Linkedin profiles suggestions by Gainsight are available for your review.
    The following options are available in the Suggested Profiles tab:
  • Track:  Track each person record.
  • Track All: Track the selected list of person records.
  • Remove: Remove the person record from the Sponsor Tracking lifecycle.
    Note:In case the person records under Suggested Profiles are not accurate, the Remove option can be used to reinitiate the tracking.BST 5.jpg 2022-07-20 at 11.45.05 PM.jpg
Tracking Status

To track the profile status:

  1. Navigate to the C360 page of the required Company.
  2. Click the People tab. The Tracking Status column is available in the People List view.

The following statuses are available to identify the stage of the profile:

  • Pending i(Pending with information icon): At this stage, the person record is in an intermediate state of the workflow. The record does not appear in Report Builder and the Stop Tracking option cannot be used when the person record is in the Pending i(Pending with information icon) status.

  • Match Found i(Match Found with information icon): At this stage, the person record is in an intermediate state of the workflow to be tracked as a sponsor. Gainsight will take some time to revert back with the person record’s status.User can view the status change in the Sponsor Tracking Updates tab.


    Note: For more information on statuses like Pending or Match Found or No Match Found, refer to the Track a Sponsor from C360 section of this article.

Use Sponsor Tracking from R360 Page

You can perform Sponsor Tracking and Sponsor Tracking in bulk from the R360 page as well, following the same procedure as in C360.
The following image shows the option for Sponsor Tracking from the list view of the People List in R360.


The following image shows the option for Sponsor Tracking in bulk from the list view of the People List in R360.


Advantages of Sponsor Tracking 

Flag Changes for Sponsor Status  

Sponsor Tracking can monitor advocate departures automatically and send notifications with a CTA. A rule can be configured to track these sponsor changes and a CTA can be created to notify CSMs. CSMs can take suitable actions as per the prescribed playbook configured to the CTA to mitigate this risk.

Note: Individuals without a 3rd degree or closer connection can also be monitored.

Capitalize on Opportunities and Monitor Gaps  

CSMs can reach out to erstwhile champion/sponsor in their new role or organization for introductions. A report can be generated to display aggregated information on Sponsor Tracking across customers. If sponsor changes are notified, CSMs can take the following actions:

  • Connect with your outgoing sponsors for potential opportunities to sell your solution in their new role.
  • Track changes and report across thousands of accounts and individual roles.
  • Easily identify gaps of sponsors in key accounts, and take action to close these gaps.

Sponsor Tracking can be added as a section on the Customer 360 page and the Relationship 360 page.

Configure Sponsor Tracking 

Admins can add the Sponsor tracking section to the 360 layout from the Company admin page and configure the Sponsor Tracking feature from the Sponsor Tracking admin page. Refer the Configure Sponsor Tracking article to learn more on the configuration. CSMs can manage Sponsor Tracking from the C360 page.

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