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Gainsight NXT Release Notes 6.28 September 2021

Gainsight Release Notes Version 6.28 contains the following subsections:

  1. Announcements: section describes important changes to the application that are implemented now or will be in the near future.
  2. New: introductions and modifications in every release.
  3. Enhancements (per module): improvements made in the existing product capabilities.


  • From V6.25 release, a few changes have been implemented in the Release Notes structure. The modules are now categorized based on the following four product areas: Customer Success (CS)Customer Experience (CX)Revenue Optimization (RO), and Platform. The information/modules in each category is/are in alphabetical order. This is to ensure that the information in the release notes is more organized and easily searchable/consumable by our customers.
  • The GIFs in this document are in playable mode. Now you can play, pause, replay or stop the GIFs in this document. You can also click the Enter Full Screen icon on the play-bar to expand it for better readability. Refer to the following image.


  • 1. Community logo.png: This symbol indicates that an enhancement originated as a customer suggestion on the Gainsight Community.
  • admin.png: This symbol indicates that an enhancement can be viewed only after the admin configures it in the product and makes it available for the end-users/CSMs. 
  • Horizon.png: This symbol indicates that the enhancement was made as part of the Horizon Experience (H) project.


Success Plan

Success Plans Horizon Experience Update

We’re excited to announce that the new Success Plan Horizon Experience is now available in your tenant. Key highlights of the new experience include:

  • Dedicated page for Success Plans in the left navigation pane to view Success Plans across all customers and relationships in one place.
  • Configure custom statuses for a Success Plan from the admin page.

  • In the Gantt Chart, users can:

    • Manually add dependencies between the end date of an objective/task and the start date of another objective/task.

    • Drag and drop objectives/tasks bars to change start dates and due dates.

Admins can upgrade to the Success Plan Horizon Experience by toggling it ON from the Administration > Success Plan page. After enabling Success Plan Horizon Experience, they cannot roll back to the Old Success Plan. Gainsight will automatically update all tenants to the new Horizon Experience on September 25, 2021.

For more information on new enhancements in Success Plan Horizon Experience, refer to the What's New in Success Plan (Horizon Experience) article.

6.28 NXT RN Success Plans.jpg


 Separate Filters for Mass Edit Reports Improve Performance

This feature will be available for all US customers with Horizon Analytics on October 2nd, 2021 [Customer who have opted out of automatic upgrades will also receive this enhancement].

As communicated in the release V6.27, the ‘Scorecard’s Mass Edit Reports’ functionality in Horizon Analytics now has separate Company filters and measure filters. The Mass Edit Report performance has been improved by separating the two filter types, resulting in significantly shorter load times. This enhancement is visible to both Admins and Users.


  • The advanced logic OR function cannot be applied between the two separated filter types. It is possible to apply the OR function for filters within the same type. The AND logic function can still be applied to filters for separate types.

  • Custom reports that contain an OR condition between measure and non-measure filters will not be supported going forward.

  • In very few cases, there could be an OR condition between measure and company filters. In this scenario, we convert the OR condition to an AND condition.

  • As a result of the changes done to the dashboard, if any issues arise with user-defined filters, please reset or modify your filters.


Email Assist

Email From Anywhere

We’re super excited to inform you well in advance about our upcoming Email from Anywhere which is an enhanced platform of Email Assist. This platform will be available only for NXT with Horizon Analytics post November, 2021 release and will be under Toggle feature. The exact roll-out date will be communicated to you soon. 

Initially the enhancement will be rolled out to Cockpit and Timeline with the following capabilities:

  • Completely configurable component
  • More structured grouping of data
    • Structured email template listing
    • Tokens
    • Simplified email preview

New capabilities

  • Capability to support org wide ‘From address’/’Reply-to address’
  • Horizon report support
  • Support Email log V2

There will not be any functional changes, unless admin configures org wide from and reply-to address.

IMPORTANT: Customers who are not on Horizon Analytics, will not be able to access this feature. This enhancement will be available for the customers to test on the NXT Sandbox environment. For more information, refer to the Email from Anywhere FAQs article.

Connectors 2.0

Connectors 2.0 Horizon Experience Update

With the next v6.29 release, Gainsight will automatically upgrade Connectors 2.0 to the Horizon Experience. After the upgrade, if you are using Zendesk and Snowflake connectors then you need to do a few things as mentioned in the FAQs article. Other existing connections will continue to operate normally after the upgrade, and they will not require any action on your behalf.
If you have any technical questions or issues regarding this update, please contact Gainsight Support.
Note: This announcement is only applicable to customers who use Connectors 2.0 without the Horizon Experience.

Apple Mail Privacy Protection Impact on Email Campaigns

The upcoming iOS 15 update from Apple includes several changes that will likely affect email campaigns to Apple Mail users. These updates include:

  • Mail privacy protection that will make it difficult to accurately track open rates as a metric of engagement. For users who opt in to this change, Apple Mail servers will download all mail files as soon as the user receives them. This will cause the email status to display as Viewed even before the user opens it.

  • Private relay that will hide a user’s IP address while browsing the web. This will likely make it difficult to send geographically-targeted email marketing.

  • The ability for users to hide their email address by masking it with an anonymous one. Without accurate email open rate data, this will likely make it difficult to identify and remove anonymous or inactive email addresses from mailing lists.

Note: These changes will affect Apple Mail users who have the latest edition of Apple Mail (iOS 15 or iPadOS15). The change is not applicable to Apple Mail on MacOS yet, but Apple has announced that the Mail Privacy Protection policy will be introduced later with macOS Monterey.

These privacy protection changes for Apple Mail users will likely have the following effects for Journey Orchestrator email campaigns:

  • Program analytics may appear inflated because of the increased open rate. We recommend ignoring any increase in open rates that appear immediately after the update goes out. Once the majority of Apple Mail users have had a chance to accept the update, a new baseline average for open rates can be established and it will be easier to analyze campaign engagement.

  • Journey Orchestrator campaigns with actions triggered automatically by open emails will break for recipients affected by these changes. Because emails sent to these recipients will appear to be opened as soon as they receive them, these actions will also be triggered as soon as the recipient receives the email. To avoid this issue, we recommend using Create CTA steps for CSMs to take action on rather than steps triggered automatically by open emails. For more information on CTA steps, refer to Configure Model and Emails for Programs.

Customer Success (CS)

Gainsight CS makes customers your best growth engine. Get a comprehensive view of your customers, understand trends and risks, and empower your team to scale with proven actions that deliver outcomes.

GS Assist

Click here to expand for more information on GS Assist
Email Task and Send Email features in GS Assist help CSMs send personalized emails directly to contacts from the Cockpit and Timeline. CSMs can send an email directly from Cockpit using templates created by their Admin, and from Timeline to share activity details. These options help users save time and standardize their customer communications 
 Chrome Plug-in Update in Gainsight Assist

Earlier when users Log Email to Timeline, only the conflicted Company/Relationship were displayed on the Log to Timeline dialog.


With the latest Plug-in Update, the Log to Timeline now displays the email recipients along with respective Company/Relationship details. The Update also includes a new Search option to add Company/ Relationship and then log the email against this Company/Relationship.

Log to Timeline.png

For more information, refer to the Gainsight Assist Chrome Plug-in User Guide article.

Adoption Explorer

 Click here to expand for more information on Adoption Explorer

Adoption Explorer (AE) helps manage your customer’s usage data in the Gainsight environment, and surface the most relevant view of usage data across your customer base.

AE offers powerful segmentation capabilities to manage multiple product lines, more robust control of aggregations and calculations, and re-imagined visualizations to surface deep insights.

Customer’s usage data at Company and/or Person level can be stored with their entitlements on a daily and weekly level. Using the ingested data, admins can define new derived fields without the need of Rules Engine.

IMPORTANT: All enhancements related to Adoption Explorer will be available on October 8th, 2021.
 Simplified Dashboard Configuration with Horizon Experience

Gainsight has revamped the Dashboard Configuration in Adoption Explorer project with new labeling, navigation and guided steps in creating the dashboard and usage reports. Formerly known as Layouts, the Dashboard Configuration tab displays the list of dashboards and the usage reports.

For more information, refer to the Layout List View and Create New Layouts article.

New Usage Metrics and Reports in PX-Enabled Adoption Explorer Project

Adoption Explorer now provides additional usage metrics as part of the pre-configured files that ingest feature and engagement data from Gainsight PX into Time Series objects. The following three files are newly added:

  • GainsightPX_User_Event_Rollups.csv: This file includes user level details such as the number of page views and session initialization events.
  • GainsightPX_User_Session_Rollup.csv: This file includes user level details such as the average session time and number of sessions.
  • GainsightPX_Account_Event_Rollups.csv: This file includes account level details such as the number of page views and session initialization events.

Based on the new usage metrics, the following usage reports are now available by default on the default Company and Person dashboards in the PX-enabled Adoption Explorer project:

  • Total Number Of Account Page Views usage report in the PX Default Company dashboard.


  • Total Number Of Page Views, Total Number Of Sessions Initialized and Average Session Durations usage reports in the PX Default Person dashboard.

unnamed (2).png

Note: To get these metrics in the existing Adoption Explorer projects, a Backfill job needs to be triggered in PX for retrieving historical data.

Ingest Custom Usage Data from Gainsight PX

Admins can now ingest custom data from Gainsight PX to an Adoption Explorer object in addition to pre-aggregated rollup data. This enhancement allows ingesting data from daily exports based on the custom data exports created as part of Bulk Data Exports in PX. For information on how to configure the custom export in PX, refer to the Bulk Export Custom Reports from PX article.

Note: Admins need to manually configure the settings in the Adoption Explorer project based on the business use case to ingest PX custom data to CS. 

For more information, refer to the Enable Gainsight PX Data in Adoption Explorer article.

Enhanced Usage Data Aggregation for Rollups

Admins can now aggregate usage data from lower to higher data models based on specific dimension fields.For example, if the monthly usage data is ingested from source, admins can configure the settings to stop weekly aggregation. This feature is applicable for Company and Person Time Series objects.

For the existing projects, data aggregation continues using all the dimension fields on Daily Time Series objects by default. Admins can modify the Source configurations and the changes will be applicable from the subsequent schedule run.


  • Adoption Explorer automatically aggregates all data from Daily to Weekly or Person to Company objects using all dimensions. 
  • If no dimension is selected for aggregation, the daily data will not be rolled up to weekly objects.

unnamed (3).png

Click here to expand for more information on Cockpit

Cockpit is the CSM/AM team's home base for viewing and managing key customer activities. The backbone of Cockpit are Gainsight system alerts called Calls to Action (CTA). Call to action types, their associated tasks, and the Cockpit view can be customized by Admins to suit your business needs.

Note: Share this updated e-learning on Cockpit & Playbooks with your Gainsight users.

Admins can select either two column or four column layouts for the CTA Detail View. Depending on what’s selected, the view will be either wider or narrower as a result.

The toggle for this enhancement will be automatically available for Admins as part of the 6.28.1 patch release. 

Additional Resources: For more information on configuring the CTA Detail View layout, refer to the Configure CTA Detail View Layouts article.

6.28 Cockpit 4 Column Layout New Highlight.jpg

Success Snapshot

Click here to expand for more information on Success Snapshot

Success Snapshots enables admins to generate Powerpoint presentations with customer data and graphs from Gainsight, using your own customized presentation (business review deck) uploaded to the Success Snapshot repository, and help CSMs run their customer meetings (such asEBRs and QBRs). Once a Success Snapshot template is created and saved, CSMs will be able to export them from C360 and R360 pages respectively.

Check out the Admin and End User courses to see how Success Snapshots can save your team time creating presentations with customer data from Gainsight!
Improved Configuration Options for Token Text

Gainsight now allows admins to configure the token text to fit inside the element in the slide. 


  • When the Reduce font size check box is selected, the font size is reduced to fit the entire text in the element but the font type is retained. The minimum supported font size is 6px.

  • When the Text can overflow check box is selected, you can view the excess content outside of the element in the same slide (exported). The font type and font size are retained.

  • When none of the above checkboxes is selected, the font size and font type of the token text are retained and the sentence trails off with ellipses.


Gainsight’s Platform turns customer success into a significant competitive advantage for your company. Reflect the nuances of customer relationships, intuitively surface insights, and accelerate your efforts with built-in best practices.

User Management

Click here to expand for more information on User Management
Gainsight Admins manage users and their licenses from the Administration > User Management page. You can also grant access to the Gainsight Sally application to the required users.
Setup Operations for Multiple Users at a Time

Admins can select all users in their tenant to send them welcome emails, make them active or inactive, and configure licenses and permissions. They can filter a set of users and select them all at the same time to upgrade their configurations at the same time.

Note: Admins can select up to 10,000 users to update their configurations to ensure flawless execution.

For more information about the above enhancements, refer to the Options in the Users List section in the Gainsight User Management article.

unnamed (5).png

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