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Email Assist 2.0 FAQs

Gainsight NXT


This article contains the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Email Assist 2.0.

What is the ‘Email Assist 2.0’ feature about?

Email assist 2.0 is an enhanced platform of Email Assist. This will support all functionalities that email assist supports.

Who can use this feature?

This platform will be available for NXT only with Horizon Analytics (HA). The actual rollout date will be communicated later.

Can customers who are not on Horizon analytics get this feature?


Can SFDC customers get this capability?


If a customer is being upgraded to HA, when can that customer get Email Assist 2.0?

As part of the HA upgrade, we can enable the Email Assist 2.0 platform for the customer.

How to Enable this Feature?

The feature is enabled by default for all tenants onboarded from June 2022. Tenants before June 2022 are migrated to the feature.

What is unique about this feature?


  • Completely configurable component.

  • More structured grouping of data.

    • Structured email template listing

    • Tokens

  • Simplified email preview

New capabilities

  • Capability to support org-wide From address/Reply-to address.

  • Horizon report support.

  • Support Email log V2

Will there be any functional changes?

No, unless admin configures org-wide from and reply-to address.

Will there be any impact on the existing Email Templates?

No, there will not be any impact on the existing Email templates.

Can customers test this on a sandbox?


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