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Gainsight NXT Release Notes 6.27 August 2021

Gainsight Release Notes Version 6.27 contains the following subsections:

  1. Announcements: section describes important changes to the application that are implemented now or will be in the near future.
  2. New: introductions and modifications in every release.
  3. Enhancements (per module): improvements made in the existing product capabilities.


  • From V6.25 release, a few changes have been implemented in the Release Notes structure. The modules are now categorized based on the following four product areas: Customer Success (CS)Customer Experience (CX)Revenue Optimization (RO), and Platform. The information/modules in each category is/are in alphabetical order. This is to ensure that the information in the release notes is more organized and easily searchable/consumable by our customers.
  • The GIFs in this document are in playable mode. Now you can play, pause, replay or stop the GIFs in this document. You can also click the Enter Full Screen icon on the play-bar to expand it for better readability. Refer to the following image.


  • 1. Community logo.png: This symbol indicates that an enhancement originated as a customer suggestion on the Gainsight Community.
  • admin.png: This symbol indicates that an enhancement can be viewed only after the admin configures it in the product and makes it available for the end-users/CSMs. 
  • Horizon.png: This symbol indicates that the enhancement was made as part of the Horizon Experience (H) project.


Adoption Explorer

Adoption Explorer Project Listing and Object Configuration Horizon Experience

The Adoption Explorer changes with this release will reflect in your org by 12 August EOD (PT).

Adoption Explorer is now powered by the Gainsight Horizon Experience. As part of this release, the following areas in the Adoption Explorer module are redesigned to simplify and improve usability:

  • Project Listing: The redesigned Project listing page includes the following changes:

  1. The dropdown menu on the top left helps admins and end users to easily switch between the list of all Adoption Explorer projects and the projects that they own.
  2. Admins and end users can easily set the status of the project by clicking on the value in the Status column.
  3. Storage information of the project is now displayed in the Storage column.
  4. The project configuration options are added to the three-vertical dots menu on the right.

AE_Project Listing.png

  • Object Configuration: Formerly known as Objects, the Object Configuration tab displays the list of objects in the Objects in Project section on the left section and the corresponding details in the right section.

AE_Object Configuration.png

  • Dashboard Configuration: Formerly known as Layouts, the Dashboard Configuration tab displays the list of dashboards and the usage reports.

AE_Dashboard Configuration.png

Note: The Project Settings and Logs pages can be accessed by clicking on the settings/gear icon on the top-right corner.

Success Plan

Success Plans Horizon Experience Update

We’re excited to announce that the new Success Plan Horizon Experience is now available in your tenant. Key highlights of the new experience include:

  • Dedicated page for Success Plans in the left navigation pane to view Success Plans across all customers and relationships in one place.
  • Configure custom statuses for Success Plans from the admin page.
  • In the Gantt Chart, CSMs can:
    • Manually add dependencies between the end date of an objective/task and the start date of another objective/task.
    • Drag and drop objectives/tasks bars to change start dates and due dates.

Admins can upgrade to the Success Plan Horizon Experience by toggling it ON from the Administration > Success Plan page. After enabling Success Plan Horizon Experience, admins cannot roll back to the Old Success Plan. Gainsight will automatically update all tenants to the new Horizon Experience on September 25, 2021. 

For more information on new enhancements in Success Plan Horizon Experience, refer to the What's New in Success Plan (Horizon Experience) article.

Success Plan HEU.png

Success Snapshots

1. Community logo.png Google Slides in Success Snapshots

All the customers now have the option to configure and export Success Snapshots using Google Slides.

Admins can now import Google Slides from their Google accounts, and configure a Snapshot template using the Google Slide. 

Example Business Use case: For example, if your organization uses Google Slides for all business reviews, this enhancement helps admins directly import and use the Google Slides in Success Snapshots.

To use Google Slides in Success Snapshots, admins must first grant permissions to Gainsight to access their Google account and to export Success Snapshot from the 360 page to Google Drive, CSMs must grant permissions to Gainsight to access their Google account.

IMPORTANT: Later, if admins make any changes to the original Google Slide deck available in Google Drive, the Sync Template option in Success Snapshots can directly sync all the new changes, retaining the configurations in the existing Snapshot. For more information on how to configure Google Slides in Success Snapshots, refer to the Configure Success Snapshots Template article.


Customer Success (CS)

Gainsight CS makes customers your best growth engine. Get a comprehensive view of your customers, understand trends and risks, and empower your team to scale with proven actions that deliver outcomes.

Adoption Explorer

 Click here to expand for more information on Adoption Explorer

Adoption Explorer (AE) helps manage your customer’s usage data in the Gainsight environment, and surface the most relevant view of usage data across your customer base.

AE offers powerful segmentation capabilities to manage multiple product lines, more robust control of aggregations and calculations, and re-imagined visualizations to surface deep insights.

Customer’s usage data at Company and/or Person level can be stored with their entitlements on a daily and weekly level. Using the ingested data, admins can define new derived fields without the need of Rules Engine. 

The Adoption Explorer changes with this release will reflect in your org by 12 August EOD (PT).
Archive Usage Data in Adoption Explorer Objects

Admins can improve the performance of usage reports by archiving historical usage data in AE. Configure and turn ON the rule to archive data in AE Objects at regular intervals. The archive rule runs on a fixed schedule at 03:30 AM (UTC) on every Saturday.


  • Admins cannot modify the schedule for archive rules. 
  • If the status of the AE Project is set to Inactive for more than seven days, the archive rule is deactivated automatically.
  • Gainsight currently supports storing 30 GB of AE usage data per Gainsight instance.

For more information, refer to the Configure Adoption Explorer Objects article.

Share Segment Dashboard Filters

Filters defined in a Segment dashboard are now available in view only mode to all the Adoption Explorer users. This enhancement helps users to use the filters defined by other users without creating a new one from scratch. For example, when two different users analyze the same set of data, one of the users can create the filter and another user can use the same one. 

Note: Only the user who created the filter can modify it.

Segment Dashboard_Filter.png

Gainsight Home

Click here to expand for more information on Gainsight Home
Gainsight has always been on the leading edge of CSM productivity. With Gainsight Home, CSMs have a single, centralized view of all their most important insights and action items. CSMs can easily configure their Home with a variety of widgets from Cockpit to Timeline; saving time and minimizing the amount of browser tabs needed to work with your customers.
End User State Preservation for Global Filters

Gainsight Home now supports user state preservation for global filters. With this enhancement, the filter criteria created/customized by users is retained even if they navigate from Gainsight Home or refresh the page.

For information on Gainsight Home filters, refer to the Apply Filters section in the Gainsight Home for CSMs article.


Click here to expand for more information on Reporting
Gain deep customer insight with Reports and Dashboards. Gainsight’s ability to blend together multiple data sources provides a structured, holistic picture of the customer across all types of vendor/customer interactions. Using an intuitive interface and compelling visualizations, each of your customer-facing functions can build their own strategic view to get actionable insights, fast.
Two New Visualizations in Reporting

The following two new charts are added to the report visualization types in Horizon Analytics [Report Builder]. 

  • Gauge: This type of chart helps to view up to six Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in a single report.

  • Funnel: This type of chart helps to view the progress through different stages. 

Additional Resources

Hyperlinks Open Salesforce Primary Tabs in Lightning Console

IMPORTANT: This enhancement is applicable only to the customers who are using Gainsight NXT in Salesforce edition.

Within the Salesforce Lightning Console, users can click on a hyperlink in Gainsight Reports to open the link as a Salesforce primary tab.


Click here to expand for more information on Sally
With Gainsight Sally, your company can better collaborate through real-time customer insights within their favorite apps. Powered by AI, Sally makes rich Gainsight data easily accessible through simple conversation. Not only can Sally provide answers to a diverse set of questions about your customers, Sally can also update customer data, provide information on health scoring, current risks, and opportunities. Your company can quickly collaborate on the latest customer intelligence to more rapidly deliver customer outcomes across all parts of your organization.
New Notifications in Slack

Sally initiates conversations in the form of Notifications. These new notifications deliver intended value by enabling Sally to reach out to users in a targeted manner by delivering valuable information at relevant times.


  • Only active Gainsight users who have valid Sally licenses receive these notifications.
  • Any user who is following a company will receive these notifications.

The following are the notifications Sally sends to users at periodic intervals:

  • CTAs and Tasks Due Notification: This notification is sent to users with information related to CTAs/Tasks that are due.
  • CTAs/Tasks Overdue Notification: This notification is sent to users with information related to CTAs/Tasks that are overdue.
  • Upcoming Renewals: This notification is sent to users whose customers are due for renewal in the next 90 days.


  • For CTAs/Tasks due and overdue, users will receive a maximum of four notifications in a week (two on Monday and two on Friday).
  • For Upcoming Renewals, users will receive a maximum of one notification in two weeks.
  • In all the above notifications, users can change the frequency or opt out.


Users have the option to choose the frequency or opt-out from receiving any or all notifications. For more information on improved notifications, refer to the New Notifications in Slack article.


Improved Gainsight Actions from Slack

Gainsight now provides the following improvements for users when they perform Gainsight Actions from Slack:

For more information on Sally shortcuts, refer to the Using Gainsight Sally in Slack (For End-user) article.

  • Support all Fields when Creating Timeline Activity: When you create a Timeline activity from Slack, all the fields applicable to the selected activity type are displayed, including internal and external attendees.

    Limitation: Currently, Gainsight defaults the date and time during which the activity is created. Users cannot select these fields.

Post to timeline.png

  • Auto-Populate Context in Notes Section: When you create a Timeline activity or CTA using Slack shortcuts, the context of the Slack message is automatically populated in the Notes and Comments sections respectively.
Improved Timeline Gainsight Notifications in Slack

Gainsight now provides the following improvements for users as part of Timeline Gainsight Notifications in Slack:

  • View Activity Comments/Notes: Users can now view the complete Timeline activity note or comment in Slack.


  • Respond from Slack: Users can now respond to the Timeline entry or comment directly from Slack without logging into the Gainsight application. The responses must be provided in the thread for that particular Timeline notification. All the responses from Slack are recorded as comments. Users can also perform edits and @mentions actions to the comments from Slack. 


    • The message gets truncated after it crosses the 4000 character limit.
    • Attachments are not supported in Timeline comments while responding from Slack.


Click here to expand for more information on Scorecards
Gainsight Scorecards allow you to track multiple dimensions of a customer’s health and also provide you the ability to report on recorded dimensions. Each dimension in a Scorecard is known as a Measure. You can use multiple Measures to track various aspects of a Customer’s health. With Scorecards, you can set a score for each Measure either manually or automatically through Rules Engine. Scorecards provide you with the flexibility of using numbers, letters, or colors as grading schemes.
Create or edit Scorecard’s Timeline Activities Permissions

Viewer and Viewer+ Analytics licensed users can now create or edit Scorecard Timeline activities in Timeline. The following are the areas within Gainsight where users can create or edit Scorecard Timeline activities:

  • C360
  • Mass edit reports in Dashboards
  • Renewal Center
  • SFDC Widgets

For more information about the different types of user licenses, refer to the User License Management article.
Note: Viewer and Viewer+ Analytics licensed users will not have the option to edit the scores.

Separate Filters for Mass Edit Reports Improve Performance

Scorecard Mass Edit reports in Horizon Analytics will have separate Company filters and measure filters by mid September. Mass Edit Report performance has been improved by separating the two filter types, resulting in significantly shorter load times. This enhancement is visible to both Admins and Users.


  • The advanced logic OR function cannot be applied between the two separated filter types. It is possible to apply the OR function for filters within the same type. The AND logic function can still be applied to filters for separate types.

  • Custom reports that contain an OR condition between measure and non-measure filters will not be supported going forward.

6.27 Scorecard Filter Separation.jpg

Success Snapshot

Click here to expand for more information on Success Snapshot

Success Snapshots enables admins to generate Powerpoint presentations with customer data and graphs from Gainsight, using your own customized presentation  (business review deck) uploaded to the Success Snapshot repository, and help CSMs run their customer meetings (such as EBRs and QBRs). Once a Success Snapshot template is created and saved, CSMs will be able to export them from C360 and R360 pages respectively.

Check out the Admin and End User courses to see how Success Snapshots can save your team time creating presentations with customer data from Gainsight!
View Original Slide Content in Snapshot

Gainsight now provides admins the option to view the Original Slide content while configuring Snapshot. This option removes the dependency on the original slide.

IMPORTANT: Admins need to clear the View original slide content check box to perform any configuration changes in the Snapshot template.

Example Business Use Case: Admin wants to modify a report/token by comparing it with the original slide while configuring the Snapshot.

Honor the Imported Table as Individual Cells

Success Snapshots now honors the table imported from the presentation (PPT) as individual cells instead of a single element. This enhancement helps admins to insert a token or plain text in an individual cell only if the Treat the table as individual cells check box is selected. 

Limitation: This functionality works only if the imported table contains 25 or fewer cells. If there are more than 25 cells, an error message is displayed.

Note: This enhancement is applicable only for the Text element.

Sort Tabular Reports in Snapshot

Admins can now select and sort the required column of the tabular report while configuring Snapshot. The sort order (Ascending/Descending) for the fields can also be selected.
Limitation: The Row Grouped reports cannot be sorted.

Identify KPI Report as Token

Gainsight now provides admins an option to convert a KPI report as a token in Success Snapshots. To use this feature, admins must select the Display as Token checkbox. This enhancement helps to reduce the utilized space in the exported snapshot by converting the KPI report table to plain text.
Note: All the filters that are selected before selecting the Display as Token checkbox will be honored.

Restore Changes to Slide

Admins can now revert any changes made to the slide they work on by clicking the Undo option before saving the snapshot.

Success Plan Slide Enhancements

Gainsight has now improved Success Snapshots by implementing the following enhancements in the Success Plan Slides:

  • The Summary slide honors the parent slide properties such as font, font color, font size, and theme.

  • The Objects, Tasks, and Timeline slides that have floated records now inherit properties from the parent slide when an admin selects the Report can overflow check box.

  • When an admin removes a column from the report, the width of the remaining columns is automatically adjusted in the placeholder.


Click here to expand for more information on Timeline
Timeline is the official record of your customers. It allows you to log information regarding customer interactions in a way that enables you to quickly gather insights and drive action. The Timeline View in the Customer or Relationship 360 allows you to log and view activities that help you track customer interactions over the course of a customer’s life-cycle. You can share the updated 10-min. training on Timeline with your Gainsight end users!
admin.png Associated Records in Timeline Activities

CSMs can now associate a timeline activity to multiple records such as companies, relationships, CTAs or Cases when creating an activity from Global Timeline or C360 Timeline. This enhancement makes it easy to share the information captured in one activity to multiple, relevant locations. For more information about Associated Records in Timeline Activities, refer to the Configuration of Associated Records to Timeline article.

Revenue Optimization (RO)

Gainsight RO provides the tools to optimize revenue within your customer base, enabling your team with the insights and workflows needed to take a more programmatic approach to renewal and expansion opportunities.

Renewal Center/Renewal Optimization

Click here to expand for more information on Renewal Center/Renewal Optimization
Gainsight RO provides the tools to optimize revenue within your customer base, enabling your team with the insights and workflows needed to take a more programmatic approach to renewal and expansion opportunities.
Renewal Center
Renewal Center helps Sales and Customer Success teams reduce churn, identify late renewals, and upsell existing accounts. By enriching Sales opportunities with Customer Success insights, Renewal Center enables teams to run their forecast reviews more effectively. The data science-based renewal likelihood score helps identify renewals most likely to churn based on customer health and engagement. Update forecasts and take immediate action so that your team can win every renewal on time.
Improved Data Science Health Score and Reasons

Gainsight has now enhanced the Data Science Likelihood scores by incorporating more variables for the score calculation thereby increasing the score accuracy. The Reasons framework has been revised to show more accurate and intuitive reasons for the scores. The reasons listed for health score are now made simpler by showing only the positive and negative factors and removing the three dots that indicated relative importance prior to this release.

The following variable categories are added to score opportunities:

  • All the Scorecard measures.
  • Leading indicators such as NPS® scores, CSAT scores, survey response rates, risk CTAs created.
  • Gainsight activities/workflows such as CTAs closed, Timeline activities created, customer meetings held, Success Plans implemented, tasks closed.

For more information on the technical enhancements made to improve the health score, refer to the Renewal Center Metric Calculations article.

Verbose Health Score.png

Renewal Center Forecast in C360

Admins can now configure Renewal Center Forecast section in C360. This enhancement helps CSMs to view and analyze the Opportunity data directly in C360 without navigating to Renewal Center.

This feature provides CSMs with the following capabilities:

  • View, add and edit opportunities in C360. 
  • View the existing Forecast Views from Renewal Center in C360.
  • Create, edit, or share Forecast Views.
  • Export the list of opportunities from C360. 
  • Create a Timeline entry corresponding to an opportunity within C360.

C360 Forecast.png

For more information on how to configure and use the Forecast section in  C360, refer to the Renewal Center Forecasting in C360  article.

Enhanced Timeline Tab in Opportunity Details

The Timeline tab in the Opportunity Details screen is now powered by Gainsight Horizon theme with a new look and feel to provide an improved user experience.

Timeline Angular View.png


Gainsight’s Platform turns customer success into a significant competitive advantage for your company. Reflect the nuances of customer relationships, intuitively surface insights, and accelerate your efforts with built-in best practices.


Click here to expand for more information on Connectors
Customer data is collected and stored in various data stores in any organization. It could reside in CRM / ERP systems or it might reside in internal IT systems. In some scenarios, there could be third party aggregators/tools that collect the information, based on customer usage of the product. Given the varied sources and mechanisms through which customer data is collected and stored, it becomes increasingly complex to view the related information in one single system, in a unified view. Connectors are integrations that are offered out of the box for you to connect varied data sources and sync information into Gainsight.
Horizon.png Quicker Loading of Metadata from Salesforce Objects

Gainsight has improved performance of loading metadata from Salesforce objects. The Salesforce metadata will be automatically stored and refreshed every seven days. This enhancement will get the information faster from Salesforce. 

Admins can manually refresh the Salesforce data by clicking Refresh Metadata from the context menu of Salesforce connection in the Administration > Integrations > Connectors 2.0 (Horizon Experience) > Connections tab.


  • Admins must manually refresh the metadata to see the new custom Gainsight Object or fields added in Salesforce.
  • This feature will be enabled for all customers in a phased manner after the 6.27 release. To enable this feature in priority, contact Gainsight support.

For more information on Salesforce connector, refer to the Salesforce Connector article.


Out of Box Jobs for Freshdesk and ServiceNow

Gainsight has added two Out of box Jobs (OOB) to sync important data such as Tickets and Users, which are required for the assessment of data in Gainsight, after importing data from the external applications.

Note: These OOB jobs will be available only when a new Freshdesk or ServiceNow connection is created in the Administration > Connectors 2.0 page.

Job name.png

Addition Resources