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Gainsight NXT Patch Release Notes: Version 6.28.X series

This document contains information about announcements, new functionalities, or issues that were resolved in patch releases of the 6.28.1 version.

Version 6.28.1 (Patch), October 06, 2021

Gainsight Patch Release Notes Version 6.28.1 contains the following subsections:

  1. Announcements: Describes important changes to the application that are implemented now or will be in the near future.
  2. Enhancements (per module): Contains improvements made in the existing product capabilities.


  • The GIFs in this document are in playable mode. Now you can play, pause, replay or stop the GIFs in this document. You can also click the Enter Full Screen icon on the play-bar to expand it for better readability. Refer to the following image.
  • 1._community_logo.png: This symbol indicates that an enhancement originated as a customer suggestion on the Gainsight Community.
  • grey-upgrade.png: This symbol indicates that an enhancement can be viewed only after the admin configures it in the product and makes it available for the end-users/CSMs.
  • Horizon Image.png: This symbol indicates that the enhancement was made as part of the Horizon Experience (H) project.


Success Plan

Success Plans Horizon Experience Update

We’re excited to announce that the new Success Plan Horizon Experience is now available in your tenant. Key highlights of the new experience include:

  • Dedicated page for Success Plans in the left navigation pane to view Success Plans across all customers and relationships in one place.
  • Configure custom statuses for a Success Plan from the admin page.
  • In the Gantt Chart, users can:
    • Manually add dependencies between the end date of an objective/task and the start date of another objective/task.
    • Drag and drop objectives/tasks bars to change start dates and due dates.

Note: Success Plan Horizon Experience upgrade is available in Gainsight NXT and Gainsight NXT (with Salesforce Connector).

For more information on new enhancements in Success Plan Horizon Experience, refer to the What's New in Success Plan (Horizon Experience) article.



1._community_logo.png Separate Filters for Mass Edit Reports Improve Performance

As communicated in the release V6.27, the ‘Scorecard’s Mass Edit Reports’ functionality in Horizon Analytics now has separate Company filters and measure filters. The Mass Edit Report performance has been improved by separating the two filter types, resulting in significantly shorter load times. This enhancement is visible to both Admins and Users. This feature is now available for all US customers with Horizon Analytics [Customers who have opted out of automatic upgrades will also receive this enhancement].


  • The advanced logic OR  function cannot be applied between the two separated filter types. It is possible to apply the OR function for filters within the same type. The AND logic function can still be applied to filters for separate types.
  • Custom reports that contain an OR condition between measure and non-measure filters will not be supported going forward.
  • In very few cases, there could be an OR condition between measure and company filters. In this scenario, we convert the OR condition to an AND condition.
  • As a result of the changes done to the dashboard, if any issues arise with user-defined filters, please reset or modify your filters.

Connectors 2.0

Connectors 2.0 Horizon Experience Update

With the next v6.29 release, Gainsight will automatically upgrade Connectors 2.0 to the Horizon Experience. After the upgrade, if you are using Zendesk and Snowflake connectors then you need to do a few things as mentioned in the FAQs article. Other existing connections will continue to operate normally after the upgrade, and they will not require any action on your behalf.

If you have any technical questions or issues regarding this update, please contact Gainsight Support.

Note: This announcement is only applicable to customers who use Connectors 2.0 without the Horizon Experience.



Click here to expand for more information on Cockpit
Cockpit is the CSM/AM team's home base for viewing and managing key customer activities. The backbone of Cockpit are Gainsight system alerts called Calls to Action (CTA). Call to action types, their associated tasks, and the Cockpit view can be customized by Admins to suit your business needs.
Note: Share this updated e-learning on Cockpit & Playbooks with your Gainsight users.
grey-upgrade.png Horizon Image.png Four Column Layouts for CTA Detail View

Admins can select either two column or four column layouts for the CTA Detail View. Depending on what’s selected, the view will be either wider or narrower as a result.

Additional Resources: For more information on configuring the CTA Detail View layout, refer to the Configure CTA Detail View Layouts article.

Preview Cockpit Widget as Illustration

The Gainsight Home Cockpit widget will now be displayed as an illustration in the admin settings and preview mode whenever the Live Widget toggle is turned OFF. When the Live Widget toggle is turned ON, the actual widget will display, but it will not be interactive. For more information on the Cockpit widget, or the Live Widget toggle, refer to the Configure Gainsight Home article.

Gainsight Home

Click here to expand for more information on Gainsight Home
Gainsight has always been on the leading edge of CSM productivity. With Gainsight Home, CSMs have a single, centralized view of all their most important insights and action items. CSMs can easily configure their Home with a variety of widgets from Cockpit to Timeline; saving time and minimizing the amount of browser tabs needed to work with your customers.
Customize Summary Ribbon and My Portfolio Widgets in Gainsight Recommended Home

Admins can now customize the Summary Ribbon and My Portfolio widgets in the Gainsight Recommended Home configuration. All the options available for these widgets in the custom Gainsight Home configuration are now available in the Gainsight Recommended Home configuration. Admins can do the following:

  • Add custom metrics in the Summary Ribbon widget. For more information, refer to the Summary Ribbon Widget section.
  • Customize the list of columns and make fields editable in the My Portfolio widget for the Companies and Relationship. For more information, refer to the My Portfolio Widget Settings section.
  • Configure global filters for the widgets based on the Company or Relationship object fields. For more information, refer to the Global Filters for Widgets section.


Click here to expand for more information on Dashboards
A Dashboard is a collection of reports and widgets, which helps users track and analyze the data. Admins must configure dashboards within Administration > Dashboard Builder before end users can see them. Different dashboards can be configured for different users and purposes. For example, managers can review dashboards in executive or team meetings, or users can review their book of business using a dashboard. Optionally, export the dashboards via email to internal users as live links or as PPTs. 
1._community_logo.png Ability to Add Description to the Global Filters and Rearrange Filters

Admins are now able to add description while creating Global Filters. This description works as a tooltip text on hovering over the filter name as shown in the following playable gif.

Admins can preview the same on the customer Dashboard page and ensure that the descriptions for each Global Filter appear correctly.

unnamed (1).png

Admins no longer have to delete all the Global Filters and recreate them all over again just to rearrange them in a desired order. The newly introduced ‘Rearrange Filters’ functionality has resolved this and improved the performance. Admins can simply drag and reorder the list of filters from the Rearrange Filters window. Refer to the following playable gif.

Rules Engine

Click here to expand for more information on Rules Engine
Rules Engine is designed to improve your underlying customer data to produce superior customer outcomes. It can perform powerful multi-step, in-memory data transformations for large datasets in Gainsight within one rule. Transformations include aggregations, multi-dataset merges, formulas, and time-series calculations; helping your team to better identify meaningful data signals.
Horizon Image.png Summary Ribbon in Rules List Page

The Summary Ribbon icon is now available on the Rules List page in Rules Engine. Clicking the Summary Ribbon icon displays metrics such as “Total Rule Run Time”, “Failed Rule Runs”, “Tasks Fetched”, “Frequently Running Rule Runs” and so on.

unnamed (2).png

These metrics communicate the value that customers get from the product. Some metrics have an Analyze [Call to Action] option. Admins can click this option to view more in-depth information about the metric. These options give admins a clear idea about which rules failed and which ones have a long run time.

unnamed (3).png

Previously, there was no way for admins to see which rules failed. Now, admins can click Analyze [Call to Action] under the “Failed Rule Runs” metric and get optimized information about the failed rules. They can then review the information and take necessary actions if needed. The following image shows the analysis of the Failed Rule Runs - Last 60 days metric.

unnamed (4).png

Click the three dots icon in the Summary Ribbon to see its entire list of metrics. The metrics can be reordered simply by clicking and dragging them. The selected metrics will appear under the Summary Ribbon for quick access.

unnamed (5).png

Previous Version Details

Gainsight team works hard to provide new features, enhancements, and fix bugs. This section provides details of the work done in the previous release, these releases can either be patch or a scheduled major release.

Date Release Number Description
18 September 2021 [NXT] V6.28 Gainsight NXT Release Notes 6.28 September 2021

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