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FAQs: Connectors 2.0 Horizon Experience Upgrade

This article explains about the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and the required actions on your behalf on the impacted connectors after Connectors 2.0 upgrade to the Horizon Experience after v6.29 release for all the customers (except those who opted out of upgrades).

What are the benefits of upgrading Connectors 2.0 to the new Horizon Experience?

The following are the key benefits:

  • New Connectors: If you have the Sightline Integrations package enabled, you will be able to create connections with Google BigQuery, Freshdesk, Intercom, Jira, ServiceNow and Zuora.
  • Enhanced Job Creation: Simply create a job by dragging and dropping source and target objects to sync data with Gainsight.  Learn more
  • Job Chains: Simplify the process of scheduling a group of dependent Jobs which you need to run in a particular sequence. Learn more
  • Merge/Transform Data: Merge data from two source objects and then transform the data to sync with Gainsight. This feature is available to the following connectors only. Learn more
    • Snowflake
    • Big Query
    • Freshdesk
    • Intercom
    • Jira
    • Pipedrive
    • ServiceNow
    • Zendesk
    • Zoho
    • Zuora
Does the admin need to do anything once this upgrade is done?

Yes, if the customer is using any of the following connectors and Zendesk widgets:

  • Zendesk connector: If you have an existing Zendesk connector (in the old user interface) and want to use the latest Zendesk connector (in the new user interface), then please go through the following important points::
    • To link the Gainsight widget (in Zendesk) to the new Zendesk Connector, unlink the widget from the old Zendesk connector and link it from the new Zendesk connector.
    • Old Zendesk connector stores data in Gainsight custom object
    • New Zendesk connector stores data into Gainsight standard objects called 'Case'
    • If you create the new Zendesk connector, then Gainsight will not be migrating the old data from that custom object to Case object
    • However, once the new Zendesk connector is working fine and rules, CTAs, etc. are replicated based on the standard Case object, it is recommended to remove the old Zendesk connection
  • Snowflake Connector: If you previously whitelisted IPs in your Snowflake instance, please whitelist the updated list of IPs. To obtain the most up-to-date list of IP addresses,  please submit a support ticket.
What will happen to the existing connections that we have created?

Existing connections will continue to work as before, but with a new user interface.

Which editions of CS are getting this upgrade?

This upgrade is applicable to all three Gainsight editions (NXT, SFDC, and Hybrid Edition).

How to determine if I am on the old UI or New Connector Horizon Experience UI?


Old UI.png

NEW Connector Horizon Experience UI

New UI.png

What resources are available to learn about Connectors 2.0 Horizon Experience?

Through the support documentation, you can learn about and become acquainted with Connectors 2.0 with Horizon Experience.

I have an existing Zendesk connection already. I want to use the Zendesk connector in the new user interface. Will there be a migration available to take care of this transition?

No, Gainsight will not migrate the data synced via the Zendesk connector in the old user interface to Gainsight Cases object where data is stored via the Zendesk connector in the new user interface. The Zendesk connectors in both these user interfaces can co-exist. However, once the Zendesk connector in the new user interface is working fine, it is recommended to remove the old Zendesk connection.

As an admin, do I have any option to upgrade the Connectors 2.0 to Horizon Experience, earlier than the upgrade date?

No, Gainsight will automatically update the Connectors 2.0 with the upcoming v6.29 release.

Can I try the new Connectors 2.0 Horizon Experience in Sandbox environment to get familiar with it, before the upgrade happens?

By default, all Sandbox as well as Production environments will get upgraded to the new user interface after v6.29 release . However, you can raise a support request to get the new user interface enabled in Sandbox anytime before v6.29 release to get familiar with it.

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