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PX Analytics Demo Subscription

Welcome to the Gainsight PX Analytics Org

You now have access to the Gainsight PX Analytics Demo environment. In this PX subscription, you can familiarize yourself with the robust, granular reporting capabilities of Gainsight PX, and learn how these analytics can help you gain valuable insight into how your customers are using your product.

*Most functionality is read-only


Here you can start to familiarize yourself with feature adoption metrics, query builder, path analyzer, retention reporting, and many other valuable insights.

For more information, refer to the articles available under Analytics on

Adoption Explorer

From this section, you can:

  • Click into any of the modules, sub-modules, and features you have mapped to understand what areas of the platform are being utilized
  • Adjust how the data is grouped and measured
  • Modify the date range and the time series aggregation
  • Use custom filters to review feature adoption within a subset of the customer base (for example: add an account filter using the field SFDC ARR greater than 95000)

For more information, read the Adoption Analysis article.

Path Analyzer

From this section, you can:

  • Understand the journey your end users are taking while navigating your product
    • Modify the path so you are looking at the start of your users’ journey, or identify the various paths users take while ending their session on the specific feature
  • Modify the scope to review either by user or session
  • Refine the chart so you only view the paths that most of your users take by increasing the threshold from 0 to 3

For more information, read the Path Analyzer article.

Retention Analysis

From this section, you can:

  • Gain insights around how well you are retaining your users, where you can choose the retention time series (day/day, week/week, month/month)
  • Customize the date range so you view retention during specific moments (product lifecycle, new business process, etc.)
  • Review retention in a way that aligns to your specific business needs by modifying the core metric used in calculating retention (Users, Sessions, Page Views, Account Retention, etc.)
  • Add a filter (or use a saved filter) to compare the baseline user cohort against a subset of the same users (for example, what impact is a specific product feature having on retention)

For more information, read the Retention Analytics article.

Funnel Analysis

From this section, you can:

  • Identify specific areas of the product which are key steps for your users to take, and understand conversion rates, as well as which users are moving through the journey
  • Add a filter (or use a saved filter) to compare how various cohorts are progressing through the funnel (i.e. do admins have higher conversion rates? How do higher ACV accounts compare? )

For more information, read the Funnels article.

Query Builder

From this section, you can:

  • Answer more complex product questions with a flexible query builder interface… no query language required!
  • Compare user behavior across different audiences
  • Use different visualization methods to analyze results

For more information, read the Query Builder article.

To learn about all frequently asked questions, refer to Analytics FAQs article.

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