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Query Builder

This article explains how to configure and use the Query Builder analytics feature for your application.


Query builder is designed to answer tough product questions. Get the flexibility you need to create custom analytics without having to learn another query language. Compare usage across audiences and group results to gain unprecedented insights.

Example Business Use Cases:

  • Answer tough product questions with flexible query-like language
  • Compare user behavior across different audiences
  • Use different visualization methods to analyze results

Compare Different Audiences

Track specific events and compare any number of different cohorts and behaviors to learn more about a specific behavior or validate a specific hypothesis. 

Gainsight PX allows you to customize the name of the event or audience on the Query Builder filter. This helps you easily understand the events or audience pertaining to the filtered query. The event labels are auto-populated from the last part of the selected feature name and you can modify them. These labels are displayed in the Query Builder chart area as legends, and in the data rows.

Group Specific Events or Attributes

You can use the Group By field to aggregate results based on specific fields. Grouping the analytics data helps you gain insights from multiple custom events and analyze results quickly.   

Support for Custom Event Properties

You can analyze custom event properties based on property values. This may come in handy when you want to measure the event properties such as video play counts or monetary values you're passing to Gainsight PX through Custom Events.

To learn about all frequently asked questions, refer to the Analytics FAQs article from the Additional Resources section.

Export Query Builder Report to CSV

You can export the Query Builder report data as a CSV file to suit your needs of insights or further analysis. To export Query Builder data, click on Export CSV

Query Builder_export.png

Additional Resources

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