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Using Call to Action (CTA) and Task Detail Views

Gainsight NXT
Gainsight helps innovative companies protect and nurture their most valuable asset - their customers - with the power of our award-winning platform. With our Customer Success Solution, you can gain deeper insights into customer behavior, operationalize the customer lifecycle, and coordinate actions and results across teams.

This article supports Gainsight NXT, the next evolution of the Customer Success platform. New and upgraded customers are deployed on Gainsight NXT.

If you have not upgraded and are using Gainsight Salesforce Edition, you can find supporting documentation here.

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Cockpit List View is displayed in the Cockpit page and C360/R360 > Cockpit section. You can click the name of a CTA to access its details in the CTA detail view. Similarly, if you click the name of a task, the task details are displayed. The CTA and task detail views are where CSMs can update status, add comments, re-assign ownership, adjust the due date, and more. Additionally, various attributes are visible, and potentially editable in these views, depending on how your Admin configured the detail views. For information on how to configure these views, refer to Configure Call to Action (CTA) & Tasks Detail View Layouts.

CTA Detail View

1.Cockpit Detail View.png

If you click a CTA's name, you will see the expanded view which includes more information about the customer. From here you can:

  • Change the CTA Assignee
  • Edit the Due Date
  • Snooze the CTA. For more information, refer to How to Use the Snooze Option below.
  • Add Associate Persons. For more information, refer to Associate Persons below.
  • You can Add Task, Apply/Replace Playbook or Delete CTA from the CTA detail view. For detailed information, refer to How to Add a Task and Apply a Playbook from CTA Detail View below.
  • Log a Timeline activity for the particular company or relationship, and tied to the specific CTA and create tasks for this activity. For more information, refer to Timeline feature in CTA Detail View below.
  • Change CTA Reason
  • Change CTA Priority
  • Change CTA Status
  • You can create or link to an transactional object having lookup to Company object (for Company CTAs) or associated to the Relationship Type (for Relationships CTAs) 
  • See information in the read-only fields that are added from admin configuration
  • Click the arrow on the top left to collapse the Expanded View

How to Add a Task and Apply a Playbook from CTA Detail View

2.Add Task or Playbook from Detail View.png

Click the Options icon in the CTA detail view to:

  • Add Task
  • Apply Playbook (If not applied already)
  • Delete CTA (CTA type is shown in the UI).
  • Replace Playbook. If a Playbook was already applied, you will see an option to Replace Playbook, to remove the old and apply a new one.

How to Use the Snooze Option

3.Snooze in Detail View.gif

The main reason you would want to snooze a CTA instead of closing it is to make sure Rules Engine is not firing similar CTAs. For example, say you have configured a rule that triggers CTAs when there are less than 5 logins per week. Then you find out that the customer is on vacation for a month. In this scenario, you could snooze the CTA instead of closing it, and in effect avoid getting another CTA in the next 3 weeks when you know the usage is going to be low.

  1. To snooze a CTA, click the clock icon in the CTA detail view.
  2. Select a date for the CTA snooze to end, and select a reason for snoozing. Click SNOOZE. The Snooze is in effect through the selected date. The Snooze date is based on the individual user's timezone setting.
  3. To view snoozed CTAs in the Cockpit List View, you must select the filter icon in the upper right corner, and select "Is Snoozed " filter as true. Snoozed CTAs also display in C360/R360 > Cockpit.
  4. To update either Snooze Date or Snooze Reason, click the clock icon again and change the details as required. Click Update.

4.Edit Snooze.gif

  1. To un-snooze a CTA, click the clock icon and click Un-Snooze then the CTA will reappear in the Cockpit List View. Users can now track the previous snooze date in the same dialog.

Note: The snooze option and snooze reasons are configured by your Admin. For more information on how to configure the snooze option, refer to Configure Cockpit: CTA Types, Reasons, Priority, etc and Federated Customer Management.

Associate Persons

This allows you to associate persons that are available within the Company or Relationship of a CTA or task.

5.Search Person.gif

To add persons:

  1. Click + PERSON.
  2. Perform search as required. You can now view the results as configured.

For more information about how to add new persons, refer to Configure Cockpit List View, General Settings, and Reporting Categories

Timeline feature in CTA Detail View

You can access Timeline Activity from the CTA detail view to log an activity (for the particular company or relationship, and tied to the specific CTA). The Timeline functionality in the CTA detail view is the same as in C360/R360 > Timeline. You can create tasks for an activity in the Timeline tab and these tasks are added to the same CTA. You can create a task for an activity from the Activity Timeline page and you can see these tasks and their respective CTAs in the Cockpit list view page. For more information on this, refer to <<Use Timeline to log Activities>>.

6.Tasks in Timeline.png

To log an activity from the CTA detail view:

  1. Navigate to CTA detail view > Timeline tab. All the activities tied to the CTA appear here.
  2. Click + to log an Update, Call, Meeting, and Email or click any Activity in the Activity dialog to update.
  3. Click Activity Drafts icon in the top right of the Cockpit view. This option shows all the activity drafts which were started but not logged in CTA detail view > Timeline. Users can open an activity draft, edit, and log into CTA detail view > Timeline from here.

7.Drafted Timeline Activities.png

Notes: Tasks created from Cockpit > CTA detail view > Timeline or C360/R360 > Timeline can be edited or deleted from Cockpit only, and they can be read only from C360/R360 > Timeline.

Task Detail View

8.Edit Task.png

If you click on a task, you will be able to:

  • Change Task Due Date
  • Change Task Priority
  • Change Task Status
  • Add Associate Persons

If the task was part of a Playbook, you can see the Playbook Name and the Playbook Completion %.

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