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Install Gainsight PX using Segment for web apps

ATTENTION: Documentation Updates are in Process
We are in the process of updating the screenshots, GIFs, and content to match the latest UX based on the Horizon Experience’s new look and feel. To learn more about the Horizon Experience in Gainsight PX, click here.

Welcome to Gainsight PX!  

Although the initial installation should be straight-forward, we’ve put together this checklist to make it dead simple. 

This Configuration Checklist is for those who are using a for tag management. If you are using another method, please click on one of the below:

Segment must be running on all of pages of your web application or site that you wish to use Gainsight PX on.

Your Segment integration must include use of the identify call (identifies the user) and the Group call (identifies the account).

Still here?  Great, once you complete the below steps, your Gainsight PX Installation will be complete so that your events and their associated users/accounts from your product will be flowing into Gainsight PX.

Create your Product Definition and Gainsight PX Tag Code

Navigate to Account Settings -> Products and create your product definition, for example:

px test.png

Once created, you need to create a tag for this product by entering in the URL of your Web Application.


The URL you enter is for informational purposes only and what you enter there does not impact your use of Gainsight PX. Nevertheless, it is good practice to enter in the URL there to keep track of which of your products is assigned to which tags.

Now you have created the tag that will be associated with your product and channel (i.e. Web App or Website).

If you also have a website that you want to track leads from, click the Website tab, enter the URL for your website to create the tag for the website channel.


  • You have the ability to create, track, and build engagements for more than a single product!  Just repeat the process for your additional products.
  • You may also want to define one product for each of your environments that you plan on using with Gainsight PX (i.e. staging, production).
  • The free version of Gainsight PX allows for one product definition.

Setup Gainsight PX in

To setup Gainsight PX using, simply include the Gainsight PX Integration located at their Integrations page. 

With Segment’s Gainsight PX integration, you’ll be able to easily integrate Gainsight PX Tag and Web SDK for your web site and web app. 

Setting up Segment for Gainsight PX is straightforward. Locate the Gainsight PX integration in the Segment Integrations Dashboard. Toggle it to “On” and setup appropriate parameters including Gainsight PX’s Product ID, which is located in the Product Settings screen and will resemble the following:  AP-xxxxxxxxxxx-2. 

px tag key.png

Verify User Event Data is Flowing into Gainsight PX

Once your developers confirm that the above steps are completed and the code is pushed, you can confirm that all is good by logging into your Gainsight PX subscription. You should see events, users, and accounts flowing in.


When the userID field is empty and the anonymousID field is filled out, Gainsight PX considers the user as anonymous and does not record events from such users.

To confirm, navigate to the audience explorer

 Select one of the users and click on the Full Profile green button and you should see Recent Activity!

Check out our Troubleshooting Guide FAQ for more help if you are not seeing users or events flowing into your Gainsight PX subscription. 

INSTALLATION COMPLETE... you are now ready to start using Gainsight PX!

Now, check out our Instrument your Product guides to get started :)

Select PX Integration from Segment Store

This section explains how to select the PX integration from the Segment store.


Gainsight PX must be configured as a destination in Segment. Refer to the Gainsight PX Destination article to learn more about this setup.

Select an Integration

To select the PX Integration: 

  1. Log in to your Segment account. 

  2. Click the Connections icon from the left menu. 

  3. Click Add Destination.


  1. Search and select the Gainsight PX widget.


  1. Click Configure Gainsight PX. The Select Source window is displayed.

gainsight PX.png

  1. Select the required source.


  1. Click the API Key field.


  1. Click Edit.

Edit key.png

  1. Enter the Gainsight PX API key and click Save.



PX also integrates with Segment server-side events

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