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Log Activities to Timeline

This article explains how to use the Timeline feature from various areas in Gainsight. After reading this article, you can access Timeline, log activities in Timeline, tag users in an Activity, and share timeline activities.

Access Timeline

You can access Timeline from three different areas within Gainsight. If you are unable to view Timeline from any of the following areas, contact your administrator.

Global Timeline

Timeline offers a global view of all the activities for all Companies and Relationships in a centralized area. You can create new activities from the Timeline tab, and also edit an Activity, if you are the owner. The search and filter options allow you to narrow down the list of activities displayed.

Various timeline activities.png

C360/R360 Page

The Timeline View on the Customer 360 page allows you to log and view activities that help you track customer interactions over the course of a customer’s life cycle.


CTA Detail View

The Timeline tab in the CTA Detail View allows you to log activities for a specific CTA. You can view these Activities on the Timeline section of the Customer 360 page.

timeline in CTA.png

Create/Log an Activity

This section explains how to create Activity, and also explains various features provided by Gainsight, while creating Activities. You can create an Activity from the global Timeline, CTA Detail view (Company CTA or Relationship CTA), or from the C360 or R360 page.

To create an Activity:

  1. Perform one of the following tasks:

  • Click the Timeline menu from the left pane, to create Activity from the global Timeline.
  • Click the Cockpit menu from the left pane and open the detail view of a Company CTA or Relationship CTA. Click the TIMELINE tab.
  • Enter the name of a Company or Relationship in the global search bar and select the required Company or Relationship from the list of suggested items. Click the TIMELINE tab.

Select company.GIF

  1. Hover your mouse to the + ACTIVITY button and select an Activity Type. The Activity Types created by administrator are displayed in the drop-down menu. The selected Activity Type’s window is displayed (here Meeting Activity Type is selected). 

  2. (Optional) Click the maximize icon to maximize the Activity window.


  1. Perform the following tasks:

    1. In the Note section, enter notes for the Activity.

  • The Note section has an auto spell check feature which highlights words spelt incorrectly, with a red underline. Right click the highlighted word to view a list of suggested correct spellings.
  • Gainsight provides you with all the text formatting options which you generally find in text editors.
  • Gainsight allows you to use the above text formatting features with keyboard shortcuts. Refer to the Keyboard shortcuts section of the Activity Options document to view the various keyboard shortcuts available.
  • Gainsight allows you to tag internal users in an Activity. Refer to the Tag internal users section of the Activity Options article to learn more.

Write notes.gif  

  1. In the Tasks section, click Add Tasks to enter the tasks to be performed in this Activity.
  2. (Optional) Click your initials to assign the task to another user. By default, the logged in user is the owner of the task.
  3. (Optional) Click the calendar icon to set a due date for the task. By default, the current date is the due date for the task.
  4. (Optional) Click the delete icon to delete a task.

Add task.gif

  1. Select either the Search by company or Search by relationship option from Related to field.
  2. Type the name of Company or Relationship to which you want to relate this activity to.


  • It is mandatory to relate the Activity to a Company or a Relationship.  
  • You cannot relate an activity to a CTA.
  • If the selected activity type is not enabled for a Company or a Relationship Type, the search results will not show the Company or Relationship information.
  • The Related to field is not applicable if you are creating an Activity from Cockpit or C360/R360 page, since in those cases the activity would be related to the Company to which the CTA belongs to (for Cockpit) or the Company or Relationship whose 360 page is opened.

Selection company.gif

  1. In the Subject field, enter a subject for the Activity.
  2. (Optional) In the Activity Date field, modify the Activity Date and time. By default, this field displays the date and time at which the activity was created.

Configure activity dates.gif

The following fields are displayed because they have been configured by the admin. If you cannot see the following fields, contact your admin.

  1. In the Duration field, enter the meeting duration (in minutes).
  2. In the Internal Attendees field, enter the internal attendees required for this meeting. By default, the logged in user’s name is already present.
  3. In the External Attendees field, enter the contact person at customer organization, required for this meeting.

Meeting duration.png

  1. Click LOG, to log the activity. If you do not click the LOG button, the activity is auto saved as draft. The content entered in New activity is auto saved frequently.

Activity logged.gif

IMPORTANT: When you log a new activity, this new activity can also be accessed from the C360/R360 page or from the Cockpit under Activity type CTAs. Similarly, when you create CTAs either from the Cockpit page or from C360/R360 page, it can be accessed from the other two areas as well.

edit activity.gif

Activity Drafts 

If you do not click the LOG button after creating a new activity or after modifing an existing activity, the activity is saved as a draft. 

  • You can view and search for the saved drafts using Search Drafts.
  • Draft activities are private to the user who created them.
  • The maximum number of drafts that can be logged by an user is 50. 
  • To delete multiple drafts, select the check box for the required drafts and click delete.


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