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Gainsight NXT

This article supports Gainsight NXT, the next evolution of the Customer Success platform. If you are using Gainsight CS Salesforce Edition, you can find supporting documentation by visiting the home page, and selecting CS > Salesforce Edition.

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This article explains how to use the various options available in Activities. After reading this article, you can attach files to Activities, share, search and filter activities, and tag internal users in Activities.

Attach Files to Activities

This section explains the process of attaching files to Activities.

You can attach files to an activity either while creating an activity or while editing an activity. The file formats supported for attachment are jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, pdf, doc, docx, txt, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, xlsm. You can attach multiple files simultaneously. Maximum attachments per activity are five and maximum file size of the total attachments is 30 MB. Only the user who creates the activity can add/delete attachments You can search an Activity by attachment name or attachment content.

To attach a file:

  1. Start logging an activity.
  2. In the Activity Editor, click on the attachment icon.

Attachment icon.png

  1. Select the file(s) that you want to attach.    
    Note: Maximum attachments per activity are five and the total size of all five attachments must be less than 30 MB. You can preview the attachment soon after uploading.

Attachment attached.png

The paper clip icon shows that the specific activity has a file(s) attached to it.

Attach icon.png

When you expand the activity, you can see the attachment. The user can download the attachment from the activity editor.


To delete an attachment, click the delete icon. There is no undo option available after deleting the attachment.

Share, Search, Filter, and Copy Activities

This section explains you the additional tasks which you can perform on Activities ; sharing an activity’s link, searching for activities, filtering activities, and copying activity data.

Share Activity

You can share an activity link with users in your organization. To view the activity from the link, users need to have a Gainsight License.

To share an activity:

  1. Click the Share Link button from the hamburger icon. The Activity Link window is displayed.
  2. Click COPY to copy the link to clipboard.

You can now paste the link in an email, or any other medium and share it with the required users.

Search the activity.gif

Search Activities

You can search for Activities from the global Timeline search bar or from the C360/R360 search bar based on the following fields:

  • Account / Relationship / CTA names
  • Notes
  • Activity names
  • Subject names
  • Author name (name of the person who created the activity)
  • Relationship name
  • Relationship Type
  • Attachment name

Search company.gif

Search Activity Types 

You can search activity types from global Timeline, C360/R360, and Cockpit pages. To search an activity type, hover the mouse to the Activity Type button and type the name of the activity in the search box.


View and Update Relationship Activities from C360 Page

You can view Relationship Activities of an Account from the C360 page as well (apart from R360 page). The Activities created from R360 page are displayed with an R symbol followed by the Relationship Name, on the C360 page.

Activities from R360.png

You can also perform the following tasks on Relationship Activities in C360 page:

  • Edit Relationship Activities in C360:
  1. Click the edit icon for a Relationship Activity.
  2. Make the necessary modifications and click UPDATE.


  • Search or filter Relationship Activities from the C360 page:


  • Search for a particular Relationship activity draft in the Drafts section.


Filter Activities

You can filter the activities to display only the required activities. You can filter activities by Company, Relationship Type, Author (Created By), Activity Type, and so on.

To filter Activities:

  1. Click the Filters icon.
  2. Enter the following details:
    • Company - Type a Company name in the text box. You can also type multiple Company names.
    • Activity Dates (From and To) - Select an operator and select a from date and to date at this field.
  • Equals
  • Between
  • Greater than
  • Lesser than
  1. Author - You can search for the activity by typing the name of the user in the text box. You can also search using multiple user names.
  2. Activity Type - Filter the activity type by selecting from Global, account, and relationship activity types.
  3. Relationship Type - Filter the activities by relationship types. You can also filter using multiple relationship types.
  4. Relationship - Filter the activities by relationships. You can also search using multiple relationships.
  5. Click APPLY.

Copy activity.gif

Copy Activities

You can copy the content in the activity editor using the Copy to Clipboard option. You can use this option while logging an activity or after an activity is logged. This option copies all of the content in Notes, Tasks, and other fields available in the Activity Editor.

To copy an Activity:

  1. Expand the Activity.
  2. Click the hamburger icon and select Copy to Clipboard.

You can now paste the content in any editor or email.

xopied activity.gif

You can also copy an activity while creating it. Click the Click to Copy icon.

Copy to clipboard icon.png

Keyboard Shortcuts in Activity Editor

Gainsight provides you the following keyboard shortcuts which can be used while drafting content for the Note section or other sections.

  • Bold - Ctrl + B / Command + B
  • Italic - Ctrl + I / Command + I
  • Underline - Ctrl + U / Command + U
  • Justify left - Ctrl + L / Command + L
  • Justify Center - Ctrl + E / Command + E
  • Justify Right - Ctrl + R / Command + R
  • Start a ordered list - Ctrl + Shift + 7 / (Command + Shift  + 7)
  • Start a un-ordered list - Ctrl + Shift + 8 / (Command + Shift  + 8)
  • Anchor - Ctrl + K / Command + K
  • Remove formatting - Ctrl + Shift + F / Command + Shift  + F

Tag Internal GS Users With @ Symbol in Activity Notes

CSMs can tag their colleagues or execs in activity notes and comments which triggers an email notification to the @ mentioned individual. This allows CSMs to request help from, or share important updates with teammates who may not otherwise visit or have easy access to the customer's Timeline. CSMs can tag active users just by typing '@' in the notes, and a list of all internal GS users will be displayed. The search list will auto-suggest users based on the characters typed. An email notification containing the activity details is sent to the tagged user with the name of the activity in the subject line. When an activity is updated, a notification will not be sent to the user who is already tagged. Users can configure if they receive these notifications on the My Settings page. For more information on configuring notification settings, refer to Setup User Notifications.

If the CSM deletes the activity, it will show that the activity does not exist anymore if management tries to access the particular account in Timeline > Activity.

Note: There’s no minimum character limit when the search starts. For example, if user types @n,  all users starting with "n" will be displayed in the search result in the form of dropdown.

When you successfully select the user, the tagged user-name becomes a hyperlink. On hover, it shows a few attributes of the user such as user name and email.

Perform the following steps to tag people in the activity notes:

  1. Navigate to Customer 360 (of any customer) > Timeline or navigate to Global Timeline > List of Activities.
  2. Click edit icon of an existing activity that you want to share with your manager using the new tagging feature. The following image shows a sample activity where you tag several people to notify about the progress of your progress/status of this activity.

tagged users.gif

  1. Click UPDATE if it is an existing activity. Or, click LOG if it is a new activity.

Note: Once the activity is logged, you can go to C360 > Timeline for this activity by clicking on the name of the activity.

When you tag a person in an activity, the tagged person receives an email notification containing the detailed status of the specific activity. This reduces the task of the management to manually login to Gainsight to see the individual status and every details of your account. The following image is a sample email notification to the user who was tagged in one of the activities.

Intended Users:

  • Applicable to all users, except external.
  • Admins can create, view, and manage users.
  • Navigate to Administration > User Management page. Admins can view the list of users synced to GS-User object.


  • Users should be synced to GS Users Object. For more information, refer the Gainsight User Object article.
  • You can only tag internal users. You cannot tag users of the type external.
  • Maximum 10 unique users can be tagged in an activity
  • Existing tagged users don't receive email notification if the activity is updated. When you edit an activity that contains tagged users, you need to delete the existing tagged users and tag them again, then it will send a fresh email notification about the recent changes made to the activity.
  • If you create an activity and tag yourself in the activity, you will not receive any email notification.
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