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Gainsight Inc.

Loading Business Data

To start using Gainsight NXT, load your business data into the following objects in Gainsight:

  • Accounts data into the Company object
  • Contacts into the Person object model
  • Gainsight users as active users and non-Gainsight users (those who will view Gainsight pages like Dashboards or 360 layouts through sharing) as inactive users into the User object.
  • Details about your company’s Relationship entities into the Relationship and Relationship Type objects.
  • Usage data into any custom object created for the purpose
  • Any other business data into any specific custom object.

The following resources help you learn about the Gainsight core objects, their attributes, and different ingestion channels to load data into these objects:

To learn more about the Gainsight Data Architecture, refer to the article Gainsight Data Management.

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