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Instrument Your Product

Instrument Your Product
Instrument your product with PX to begin tracking customer usage and launch in-app engagements.
  • Advanced Instrumentation
    Use Custom CSS Selector. Specifying a customized selector can be done by checking the custom option when creating a feature event rule and setting the selector manually. You can also use a Custom Sel…
  • Basic Instrumentation
    Use the Product Mapper. Instrumenting your product can easily be done by using the product mapper. Create Modules and Feature Hierarchy. Initially you can start by creating the main modules of your p…
  • Instrument Your Product Using Product Mapper
    This article explains how to use the Product Mapper modeling & instrumentation tool.
  • Product Mapper FAQs
    How to ensure element selectors configured in Gainsight are resilient against UI changes?. Example use case for the question: Main menu - the tool identifies selector as nth-child(2) = this will caus…
  • Product Mapper® Overview
    Product Mapper® is an easy to use way of describing your product features with a simple point, click and describe. Each mapped feature can be viewed hierarchically within your Product Feature Tree®.
  • Trigger Engagements Based on Feature Usage
    This article explains how to use the Product Mappings in the Engagements section. Gainsight PX recommends you to first refer the Instrument Your Product Using Product Mapper article.
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