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PX Migration FAQs

This article contains the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to migration to PX.

Can I migrate historical NPS data from Pendo?

Gainsight does not migrate historical NPS data. However, Gainsight CS customers can ingest NPS data into CS and utilize the PX-CS Connector and CS rules to make NPS data  available in PX.

Can I migrate Reports or Dashboard settings and/or configurations from Pendo?

Gainsight does not migrate Reports or Dashboards from Pendo. Reports and Dashboards (PX Analytics) are generated using PX Usage data and the historical data migrated from Pendo.

How can I provide Pendo data exports to Gainsight?

Gainsight will provide a Managed S3 bucket to load all data files.

Are there any additional costs associated with Historical Data Migrations?

There are costs associated with the following two migrations:

  • All historical data migration paths
  • Only historical event data 

Reach out to your CSM for more information on the pricing details associated with migration.

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