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Gainsight Inc.

Gainsight Release Notes

Current Release Notes

Find the latest release notes that help you to learn more about the announcements, new features, and enhancements made in the Gainsight products from the current release.

Customer Success

Major Release

Gainsight NXT Release Notes 6.39 October 2023

Release Date

  • NXT (EU+US2): Oct 21, 2023
  • NXT (US1): Oct 28, 2023

Japanese Release

Gainsight NXT JA Release Notes October 2023

Release Date

  • NXT (JA): Nov 2, 2023

Patch Release

Gainsight NXT Patch Release Notes: Version 6.37.X series

Release Date

  • Latest Patch Release: Oct 4, 2023
Product Experience

Major Release 

PX Release Notes November 2023

Release Date

  • PX (EU+US2 + US1): November 25, 2023
Customer Communities
CC Product Updates 2023

Release Date

  • Latest Updates: Oct 18, 2023

Past Release Notes

Explore all past release notes and discover the valuable features and improvements we've made over time.

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