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Gainsight NXT Release Notes 6.23 April 2021

Gainsight Release Notes Version 6.23 contains the following subsections:

  1. Announcements section describes important changes to the application that are implemented now or will be in the near future.
  2. Enhancements (per module) describe improvements made in the existing product capabilities.


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  • 1._community_logo.png : This symbol indicates that an enhancement originated as a customer suggestion on the Gainsight Community.


Cockpit on Horizon Experience

Gainsight always strives to provide our users with the best product experience. Gainsight is now planning to enable the Cockpit on Horizon Experience for all the customers on April 21, 2021 (April Patch release).

Gainsight recommends you to prepare your team for the new experience and learn about this improved version of Cockpit through various related articles listed here. You can also enable this feature from the Administration > CTA page much before the April Patch release. For more information on how to enable this feature, refer to the Cockpit New Functionalities and Improvements article.

Sally Access is Removed for Inactive and Internal Collaborator License Type Users

Inactive and Internal Collaborator license type users cannot access Gainsight Sally since they do not have any associated license type. Only the users with Full and Viewer licenses can access Sally.

Admins can check the user's license type and Sally access status on the Administration > User Management page. For more information on how to check the Sally access status for users, refer to the Gainsight User Management article.

Sally License.png

Automated Scorecard Activities to be Deleted if Older Than 8 Weeks

Given the minimal usage of automated scorecard activity history, Gainsight will be deleting automated scorecard activities that do not have any comments and are older than eight weeks. All manually created activities and automated activities with manual comments are retained.


Adoption Explorer

Click here to expand for more information on Adoption Explorer

Adoption Explorer (AE) helps manage your customer’s usage data in the Gainsight environment, and surface the most relevant view of usage data across your customer base. AE offers powerful segmentation capabilities to manage multiple product lines, more robust control of aggregations and calculations, and re-imagined visualizations to surface deep insights.Customer’s usage data at Company and/or Person level can be stored with their entitlements on a daily and weekly level Using the ingested data, admins can define new derived fields without the need of Rules Engine.
Note: Admins are invited to live instructor-led training on Adoption Explorer in January or April!

Usage Section Enhancements

The following enhancements have been implemented in the Usage Section:

Enhancement Description
Retain Drill-down Report Settings The Adoption Explorer now retains all custom drill-down report settings regardless of the changes made to the parent usage report. However, the custom drill-down report resets when the common fields between parent and custom drill-down reports are changed.
Improved Tabular Report Viewing Experience CSMs can sort the analytics data based on the data type in ascending or descending order.  You can also customize the column widths within the table which enhances the viewing experience when you have multiple columns in the table.
Improved Chart Selection Experience In the Enlarge view, CSMs can now select the required chart type from the available list. The Chart icon is now introduced on the Usage Report view for users to select the required chart type. Prior to this release, the chart icon was available in the Settings option.
Date Format Support Extended to All Charts The Adoption Explorer Usage Section now supports multiple date formats in all trend charts. Prior to this release, the date formats were supported only in Line trend charts. Admins and Users can select from the following date formats: MMM Day, DD/MM/YYYY and MMM YY.


Click here to expand for more information on Cockpit

Cockpit is the CSM/AM team's home base for viewing and managing key customer activities. The backbone of Cockpit are Gainsight system alerts called Calls to Action (CTA). Call to action types, their associated tasks, and the Cockpit view can be customized by Admins to suit your business needs.
Note: Share this updated elearning on Cockpit & Playbooks with your Gainsight users.

Add/Link Gainsight Renewal Center Opportunity Objects with CTAs

Admins can now add Gainsight Renewal Center Opportunity objects that can be linked to a CTA for each CTA type from the Linked Objects section. In the Call to Action > Linked Object section, admins can select the GS Opportunity object from the Linked Objects dropdown list.

IMPORTANT: This enhancement is only applicable to the customers who are on the Cockpit Horizon Experience and have access to Renewal Center. For more information on Renewal Center, refer to the Renewal Center Overview article.

Example Business Use Cases: A few business use cases of this feature are listed below:

  • An Admin wants to link the GS opportunity object to a CTA type.
  • A user wants to create a new GS opportunity or associate an existing GS opportunity with a CTA.
  • A user wants to update/unlink a GS opportunity from a CTA.

Admins must configure the fields in the Detail View Layout Configuration section once the GS Opportunity object is linked to a particular type of CTA. This ensures that the end-users can view and edit these fields from the Cockpit page.

To configure fields in the Configure detail view section:

  1. Select the CTA Type.
  2. Click the digit next to the Company tab and select the GS Opportunity Linked Object.
  3. Click the Go to Renewal Center Admin option to navigate to the Renewal Center Detail View page.

For more information on how to configure the fields that must display to the end-users to view and edit, refer to the Configure Renewal Center article.

CSMs can now link or add the GS Opportunity to create and update records directly from Cockpit. After Admin configures the GS opportunity as a Linked Object in the Call to Action page, CSMs can view the GS Opportunity tab in the CTA Detail view. In this tab, CSMs can either link an existing opportunity record or add a new opportunity directly.


Limitation: CSMs cannot perform inline editing of the fields added to the layout unlike other fields in Cockpit Horizon Experience. CSMs must click Save after editing the fields.

Company Intelligence

 Click here to expand for more information on Company Intelligence
Company Intelligence (CI) alerts users to external business events for their accounts and provides them the capability to act when necessary. To use this feature, admins must first configure the list of companies for which they want to receive intelligence information, and also set the signals to track for the selected companies.

Simplified Company Intelligence Configuration

Company Intelligence Admin configuration page is redesigned inline with Gainsight Horizon experience. As part of this enhancement, the following changes are implemented:

  • The configuration steps are now grouped under four sections - Details, Companies, Signals, and Notifications. Details and Signals sections are the same as earlier.
  • The Companies section now includes the Company URL (optional) field. Admins can view the Filters applied on the list of companies and also can add the columns they want to view.
  • Admins can now enable in-app, Slack, and Email notifications from the Notifications section so that CSMs are notified about the Company Intelligence posts for the selected companies.
  • Companies that the admin selects to track are mapped with the companies from the database and grouped into the following categories based on the status:
    • Selected Companies: Lists the companies that are selected to be tracked.
    • Mapped Companies: Lists the companies with the exact match. Users will receive Company Intelligence posts for all the companies that are in this group.
    • Mapping in-progress: Lists the companies for which the mapping process is yet to be completed. Users will not receive Company Intelligence posts until the mapping is complete.
    • Multiple Mappings Found: Lists the companies that have more than one matching company. Admin can either confirm the correct company from the drop-down or report the incorrect match. Users will not receive Company Intelligence posts for these companies until the admin takes the action.
    • Companies not Found: Lists the companies that do not match. Admin can retry mapping the company by providing a valid URL.

For more information on these enhancements, refer to the Configure Company Intelligence article.

CX Center

 Click here to expand for more information on CX Center
Customer Experience Center makes it easier for users to collect and analyze textual feedback/ response data from sources like Surveys and Timeline. Once the data is collected, the CX Center automatically provides advanced analytics, including sentiment assessment, to help improve your customer experience, predict market trends, identify potential churn, and recommend necessary steps to increase product usability.

IMPORTANT: Customer Experience Center is available as a paid add-on to our Customer Success platform. For more information on how to license this feature, please contact your Gainsight account manager.

Enhanced CX Center Widgets and Drill Down Experience

The CX Center is now enhanced with new functionalities for widgets and the drill-down experience. Users can now view and filter the CSAT metrics on the home page along with the current NPS®, and Sentiment metrics.

The following are the enhancements made for the Trend, Companies, and People widgets; as well as for Filters:

Trend Widget

  • Displays the Sentiment, NPS®, CSAT scores, and number of comments by a Company Person user role for a selected period of time. 

  • Displays the historical data of the selected metric and user roles.

  • Allows you to select the specific required role on the chart for better analysis.

  • Displays the Survey questions and responses in a detailed drill-down view.

  • Displays the distribution of Negative, Neutral/Mixed, and Positive comments while hovering on any data point.

Companies Widget

  • Displays the Revenue information along with the currency code of the respective company.

  • Displays the Sentiment, NPS®, and CSAT metrics of the company, based on the filtered criteria.

  • Navigates to the respective C360 page, when the user clicks on the company name.

  • Allows adding filters in each column of the widget.

  • Displays the Timeline comments, Survey questions and responses in a detailed drill-down view of that specific company.

People Widget

  • Displays the list of Company Persons along with their Role, Email, Company Name, historical Sentiment score, and their latest responded score to the CSAT and/or NPS® surveys.

  • Allows adding filters in each column of the widget.

  • Navigates to the respective C360 page, when the user clicks on the company name of the company person.

  • Displays the Survey questions and responses in a detailed drill-down view.


  • Displays three default filters (Sources, Time Frame, and Metrics) and allows users to select the required value for these filters.
Filter Values
Sources Surveys and/or Timeline
Time Frame Custom date range or Pre-built time frames (Current Month, Current Fiscal Year, etc.)
Metrics Sentiment, CSAT and/or NPS (True/Average)
  • Allows adding multiple filters based on the Company and/or Company Person object.

  • Allows applying advance logic between the default and additional filters (AND or OR).

Example Business Use Cases:

  • A CX user on the Trend widget wants to analyze metrics over a period of time and drill down into the metrics data for deeper analysis. 

  • A CX user on the Companies widget wants to analyze all the metrics of a specific company along with its Revenue.

For more information on CX Center Widgets, refer to the CX Center Home article.

Data Designer

Click here to expand for more information on Data Designer
Data Designer makes it easier for you to discover richer, more meaningful insights from your customer data. It provides a simple, easy-to-use solution to merge and transform your data, then make it accessible across the Gainsight platform for further analysis and exploration.

Number Functions in Formula Fields

Gainsight now introduces Number Functions in the Formula Fields of Data Designer. The Number Functions allow admins to perform powerful calculations while applying transformation on a dataset. Following Number Functions are available:

  • Abs
  • Ceiling
  • Exp
  • Floor
  • Ln
  • Log
  • Sqrt

Example Business Use Case: When there are a lot of companies with low ARR (<10k) and high ARR (> 1M) in the same chart, admins can now create a report leveraging the logarithmic function to view those companies better in the same chart.

For more information on how to use the Number Functions in Formula Fields, refer to the Formula Fields aritcle.

Field to Field comparison in Case

Data Designer now allows admins to perform field to field comparison in the Case statement to categorize the data based on a specific set of requirements. Prior to this release, admins were allowed to perform only the field to value comparison.

For more information on how to perform a field to field Comparison in Case Fields, refer to the Case Fields article.

Journey Orchestrator

Click here to expand for more information on Journey Orchestrator
Journey Orchestrator is your center for automated communications. It leverages the power of automation to make your job easier as you communicate with customers at scale. Gainsight enables customer success teams to launch automated emails based on customer attributes such as health score, product usage, survey results, and lifecycle stage. Through automation, you can scale customer touches and engage with a growing list of customers often and effectively.

Note: Admins are invited to join live instructor-led training on Journey Orchestrator every 6 weeks!

Modifications in Cloning of Programs

Gainsight now introduces a new icon to indicate the In-progress status of program cloning on the Program List View page. The application does not allow editing of the cloned program until the cloning is completed, and you can view the cloning programs on the Draft tab.


People Management

 Click here to expand for more information on People Management
Capture your contacts in an organizational chart to understand the roles and relationships of the people you do business with across your customer base. Explore the org chart to understand who influences whom within a company and know more about a person for deeper insights.

Notify CSM on Change in Sponsor‘s LinkedIn Account Status

Gainsight now notifies CSMs when the LinkedIn profile of the sponsor (contact) being tracked is no longer available, changed to private mode, or inactive/closed. You can delete the sponsor from the Sponsor Tracking page.

If you find the new LinkedIn URL of the sponsor that you deleted, you must add the profile as a new sponsor from the C360 page. For more information on how to add a sponsor, refer to the Track Sponsors section in the Track Sponsors from 360 Page article.

sponsor tracking_linkedin.png

Renewal Center

Click here to expand for more information on Renewal Centre
Renewal Center helps Sales and Customer Success teams reduce churn, identify late renewals, and upsell existing accounts. By enriching Sales opportunities with Customer Success insights, Renewal Center enables teams to run their forecast reviews more effectively. The data science-based renewal likelihood score helps identify renewals most likely to churn based on customer health and engagement. Update forecasts and take immediate action so that your team can win every renewal on time.

Deploy Renewal Center without Salesforce

Renewal Center is now available to users who do not use Salesforce at all or manage renewals outside of Salesforce.

With this feature, users can now:

  • Create opportunity and the objects related to opportunity in Gainsight

  • Bring opportunity data to Gainsight from external data sources such as S3 bucket or CSV file using Rules Engine

Sync Options.jpg


For more information on how to configure this feature, refer to the Deploy Renewal Center without Salesforce article.

Link Opportunities to Cockpit CTAs

Renewal Center offers the ability to link opportunity to Cockpit CTAs so that the CSM can take proactive targeted actions to close an opportunity.

This feature allows a CSM to:

  • Create a new GS opportunity and link it to a CTA 
  • Create or Link an existing GS opportunity to a CTA directly from Cockpit
  • Use Rules Engine to create GS opportunities, CTAs, and link them to automate processes

Link or Add opportunity.jpg

For more information on how to configure this, refer to the Link GS Opportunity to Cockpit CTAs section of the Renewal Center User Guide article.

Track Opportunity Field Changes

Renewal Center now supports weekly forecast reviews by showing changes to the opportunity fields in the Forecast tab. CSM’s can now view updates to the opportunity in the Forecast tab along with the changes highlighted.

With this feature, you can:

  • Track weekly changes for up to 20 fields including custom fields
  • Highlight opportunity changes during the past week
  • View the details of the change such as Old Value, New Value, Updated User, and Updated Time while hovering over the highlighted field.

Track Changes.jpg

Admin can configure the fields that need to be tracked by navigating to Administration > Renewal Center > Forecast Section > Field Tracking.

Note: Field Tracking is enabled by default.

Admin config Field Tracking.jpg

Rules Engine

 Click here to expand for more information on Rules Engine
Rules Engine is designed to improve your underlying customer data to produce superior customer outcomes. It can perform powerful multi-step, in-memory data transformations for large datasets in Gainsight within one rule. Transformations include aggregations, multi-dataset merges, formulas, and time-series calculations; helping your team to better identify meaningful data signals.

Display Gainsight Suggestions in Announcement Icon

Admins can now view the Gainsight suggestions by hovering over the Announcement (Tooltip) icon in the Setup Rule screen. These suggestions act as a reminder or guidance to configure accurate and efficient rules.



 Click to expand for more information on Sally
With Gainsight Sally, your company can better collaborate through real-time customer insights within their favorite apps. Powered by AI, Sally makes rich Gainsight data easily accessible through simple conversation. Not only can Sally provide answers to a diverse set of questions about your customers, Sally can also update customer data, provide information on health scoring, current risks, and opportunities. Your company can quickly collaborate on the latest customer intelligence to more rapidly deliver customer outcomes across all parts of your organization.

Improved Sally Querying Experience

Gainsight Sally now provides a drop-down option listing all the Companies/Relationships if no match is found for their query. This improves Sally's querying experience. Users can search for the correct match for the Company/Relationship they are looking for from this drop-down option. 

If a user had searched for Company/Relationship along with any intent, then after selecting the correct match, the result for that Company/Relationship is displayed for that particular intent. In case no intent is provided, the summary of that particular match is displayed.

Sally Query Exp1.png

Sightline Vault

 Click here to expand for more information on Sightline Vault
Gainsight’s Sightline Vault provides access to pre-configured solutions built by Gainsight and the broader Gainsight community that help you effectively utilize Gainsight features and incorporate best practices into your Gainsight instance with the click of a button. This not only allows you to see value faster, but significantly reduces the amount of time and effort your team spends setting up/configuring Gainsight.

New Solutions in Sightline Vault

The following three new solutions are now available in Sightline Vault:

  • Reference Management:
    • Category: Sales & Advocacy
    • Description: Reference Management contains a five-step process that empowers a “Reference Manager” on your team to connect the right prospect with the right customer, and track the impact of the connection between them.
  • Success Plan (ROI):
    • Category: Success Plans
    • Description: Use ROI Success Plans to proactively capture, monitor, and drive customers toward their desired outcomes.
  • Risk Escalation:
    • Category: Customer Success Plays
    • Description: Risk escalation enables  you to establish a culture and habit of identifying and escalating risks so that you are empowered to mitigate risks before they lead to churn or downsell.

6.23 Sightline Vault New Solutions.jpg

For more information on available solutions, refer to Solutions in Sightline Vault article.


 Click here to expand for more information on Timeline
Timeline is the official record of your customers. It allows you to log information regarding customer interactions in a way that enables you to quickly gather insights and drive action. The Timeline View in the Customer or Relationship 360 allows you to log and view activities that help you track customer interactions over the course of a customer’s life-cycle. You can share the updated 10-min. training on Timeline with your Gainsight end users!

1._community_logo.png New Operators for Timeline Activity Filter Fields

Advanced Filters for Timeline Activities now contain more operators for filter configuration. This enhancement gives users flexibility when filtering data and creating reports. It also makes timeline filters consistent with the filters in other product areas, such as Report Builder and Rules Engine. For more information on configuring timeline filters, refer to Activity Options article.

6.23 Timeline New Operators.jpg

User Management

 Click here to expand for more information on User Management
Gainsight Admins manage users and their licenses from the Administration > User Management page. You can also grant access to the Gainsight Sally application to the required users.

Gainsight Introduces Two New License Types

Gainsight introduces two new license types to simplify managing users and provide more understanding on the user roles based on the assigned license in Gainsight. The following are the two new license types:

  • Internal Collaborator: Admins can assign this license type, from the User Management page, to employees who do not use the product directly but collaborate with other teams within the organization. For example, you can add the Sales, Services, and Marketing teammates as Internal Collaborators.
  • External: Gainsight creates a user with External license type when a C/R360 or a Success Plan is shared with a Person/Contact record.
    Note: Admins cannot assign this license to any user from the User Management page.

pasted image 0.png


  • Internal Collaborator and External license type users do not have login access to Gainsight.
  • ‘Unlicensed' license type will no longer be available in Gainsight. Admins must remove "Unlicensed"  as criteria in filters or views across the Gainsight application.
  • All Unlicensed active users from the current customers with system type as 'Internal' will be assigned with the Internal Collaborator license.
  • All Unlicensed active users with ‘External’ System type in Gainsight will be assigned an External license.
  • Inactive users will not have any licenses in Gainsight which means their License Type field will be blank in User Management.
  • While importing users from external systems, users' status (active/inactive) will be honored.

For more information about the new Gainsight license types, refer to the User License Management article.

Enhancements in Gainsight User Management

Gainsight has made the following enhancements in the User Management page for the admin to effectively manage users:

  • Toggle on/off the authentication mechanisms through which the users can verify their identity and login to Gainsight in the User Management > Authentication tab.
  • View the total number of users for each license type, just by clicking the Stats button.
  • Filter the users based on their license types, status, system type etc, by clicking the  Filter icon.
  • Add more columns (fields) from the user object in the user list by clicking + icon.

For more information on these enhancements, refer to the Gainsight User Management article.

Report Builder

 Click here to expand for more information on Report Builder
Gain deep customer insight with Reports and Dashboards. Gainsight’s ability to blend together multiple data sources provides a structured, holistic picture of the customer across all types of vendor/customer interactions. Using an intuitive interface and compelling visualizations, each of your customer-facing functions can build their own strategic view to get actionable insights, fast.

Report Gainsight Data in Tableau

Gainsight’s integration with Tableau now allows admins to quickly connect Gainsight NXT and Gainsight NXT in Salesforce instances and build reports on the customer success data in Tableau. This allows admins to access all the Gainsight objects in Tableau to build reports on the customer success data.

Example Business Use Case: Admin wants to join Gainsight data with other data sources that are already available in Tableau.

For more information on how to integrate Gainsight with Tableau, refer to the Gainsight Integration with Tableau article.

Upcoming Version Details

Gainsight team works hard to provide new features, enhancements, and fix bugs. This section provides details of the work done in the upcoming release, these releases can either be patch or a scheduled major release.

Date Release Number Description

22 April 2021


Gainsight NXT Patch Release Notes: Version 6.23.X series


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