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Configure Surveys (path)

Configure Surveys (path)
This path walks admin through the process of configuring surveys.
Pages: 6
  • Create a Survey
    This article explains about how admins can easily create multi-page surveys with a variety of question types, including multiple choice, matrix, and a standard NPS question type.
  • Survey Properties
    This article explains about how Survey Properties are displayed when you create a new Survey.
  • Survey Design
    This article guides you about how admins can add and configure Sections, Pages, and Questions for the newly created Survey.
  • Distribute Surveys
    This article explains about how you can use the Distribute tab to publish Survey, and monitor any Programs using the survey.
  • Survey Permissions
    Survey Permissions give admins the ability to control which users can access configuration options for surveys. Admins can control which users or users groups have access to create, distribute, and analyze surveys. This article explains how to assign permissions for individual surveys through the survey itself and on the entire module using Permission Groups.
  • Distribute Anonymous and Semi-Anonymous Surveys through Programs
    This article explains about how you can use Survey to send Anonymous and Semi-Anonymous surveys via Programs.


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