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Scorecard Timeline Activity Feed

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This article explains how to use Activity feed in Scorecards.


Timeline activities serve as records of business interactions. you can use the Activities in Scorecards as well. Scorecard activities succeed the traditional Scorecard comments feature and provide you with the ability to use rich text media and other text formatting options. this article explains how to enable this feature and use the same. 

Enable Scorecard Activity Feed

To enable the Scorecard Activity feed feature:

  1. Navigate to Administration Scorecard
  2. Click Enable on the pop-up caution note about enabling the Scorecard Timeline on top of the page. The Enable Scorecard-Timeline dialog appears.
  3. Select the I understand that once enabled, I cannot go back to the old version checkbox.
  4. Click ENABLE. The ‘Scorecard-Timeline’ Enabled message appears.


  • The process to enable this feature might take some time to complete.
  • You can contact Gainsight Support, if any error occurs during the upgrade process.
  • You cannot disable this feature, once enabled.

new 2.GIF

Here are some of the important points  of this feature:

  • You can create an Activity for a Measure or the Overall score.
  • When you create an Activity from Scorecard, the current score of the Measure or Overall score is also captured.  
  • Activities in the Scorecard can be created either from the C/R360 or Mass Edit report pages. Rules can also automatically create Activities for Scorecards based on health score changes, up to once per week.   
  • You cannot create Scorecard Activities from the global Timeline or C/R360 Timeline page.
  • The Scorecard activities that are created manually are also displayed on the global Timeline and C/R 360 Timeline page. Only the owner of the activity can edit these activities. Other users can only view it.
  •  Scorecard activities that are created by a rule can only be found in the Scorecard section. These activities are not displayed on the global Timeline or C/R360 Timeline. 
  • All the historical comments logged by you are auto-converted to Activity of type “Update”. 

Comments Logged from Rules 

  • In Rules, you can still see the Comments section for the Set Score 2.0 Action Type. The comments entered in the comments section are logged in as Activities of the type “Update”. These Activities are not displayed on the global Timeline. The text entered in the Comment box of Rules Engine is logged as a Comment in Scorecard's Timeline.


  • If a rule runs multiple times in a single week and changes the comments multiple times, the latest Scorecard activity's comments are updated immediately by replacing the existing comment, until the end of the week. On the last day of the week the activity's comment is frozen, with the latest comment that was logged by the rule.
  • If the rule runs again in the subsequent weeks and pushes new comments, a new activity is created for that week and comments are logged in to this new activity, until the end of the week. The latest comment replaces the old comment, until the end of the week and the Comment for that Activity is frozen on the last day of the week. 
  • If you select the Clear Existing Comments checkbox, the comments are still present in the Activity Timeline. 
  • Activities created by a rule can only be edited by the Admin who created the rule since that user is the owner of the activity. 

To use this feature from C360/R360 page: 

  1. Navigate to the Scorecard section of the C360/R360 page.
  2. Select a Measure or the Overall Score. The Timeline section appears.


  1. From the + drop-down menu, select an Activity type
  2. Create the Activity, as required. For more information, refer to the Create/Log an Activity article. You can see that the newly created activity also has the scorecard.


You can see that this activity is also displayed on the global Timeline. In this case, the Activity subject is New score. You can edit the Activity from the global Timeline, if you are the owner of the Activity. 


To use this feature in a Mass Edit Report:

  1. Create a Mass Edit report.
  2. Click the Timeline icon. The Timeline section appears. 
  3. Add or edit the activities.


You can also display timeline activity within the table view of the report. For more information on this configuration, refer to Edit Scorecards with Mass Edit Report.


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