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Use Timeline Data in Reporting

This article is the fourth in a series of Timeline configuration articles. Gainsight recommends that you first refer to the initial articles before proceeding with this article.

This article explains how you can use the Activity Timeline object to create a Report on Timeline.


Activity Timeline is a system object which holds all of the information about Timeline activities. This object also has lookup to other important objects like Company, User, and Relationship. You can use this object to create a report on Timeline based on various use cases.

Create Report

This article explains the process of creating a Report which displays all of the Activity subjects.

To create Report:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Analytics > Report Builder.
  2. Click + REPORT.
  3. Select Activity Timeline as the source object.

Select report.GIF

  1. Select the Reporting Category and Name (thi is company name) fields in the Show me section. You can add other fields, as required. This report generates the list of Companies and groups them as per their reporting categories
  2. Click RUN. The report is generated.

Select report objects.GIF

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