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Timeline Horizon Experience For Admins: Change Document

This guide explains the modifications administrators encounter in the Timeline Horizon experience.

IMPORTANT: The old version of the Timeline Administration interface will be deprecated on February 23, 2023.



Gainsight has undertaken a significant redesign of the Timeline Administration page, introducing a fresh and enriched experience as part of the new Horizon. The objective is to empower administrators by simplifying the interface, providing a more visually intuitive experience, and optimizing the process of creating Timeline activities.

Key Improvements:

  • Improved feature usability
    • Streamlined the workflow for creating activity types for a smoother experience.
    • Refined the configurations related to associated records to enhance clarity.
  • Rearrange and Preview Fields
    • Admins can effortlessly rearrange and preview the order of fields directly within the Create Activity Type screen.
  • Streamlined Configurations
    • Redundant configurations have been streamlined. Admins can now choose between company and relationships, eliminating the need to select a Global activity type for all activities.


Enhanced Timeline Administration Page

The redesigned main page offers a simplified layout, significantly improving the visibility of all features on a single page. Here are the key changes:

  • Activity types, active activities, inactive activities, and default activities are now neatly organized into separate tabs. This provides a clear and structured view, making navigation more intuitive.
  • The enhanced workflow enables direct editing of the Company & Relation Type column from the main page. This streamlines the editing process, offering admins a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Note: Global Configuration is completely eliminated with this revamp, simplifying the overall structure and promoting a more focused and streamlined Timeline Administration Page.

Timeline Landing page.jpg

Improved Activity Creation Experience

Gainsight introduces a refined approach to activity type creation, enhancing the overall user experience.

To create activity:

  1. Navigate to Timeline Administration > Activity Types.
  2. Click Create Activity Type. The Create Activity Type. Dialog box is displayed.
  3. Enter the required Attribute details and select a Template of your choice.
  4. Click Create.

Note: The functionality remains unchanged; only the user interface has been updated for a more intuitive experience.

 Key changes are:

  • The enhanced user interface has a preview section, providing admins with a visual representation of how the Activity type is presented to Customer Success Managers (CSMs).
    Timeline Create Activity Type.jpg
  • Admins can customize the order of fields directly from the Configure Fields section. The selected arrangement order is reflected in the preview.
  • Admins can modify the relationship type by selecting the Company and Relation type from a dropdown menu for each activity, making it more user-friendly. 
    Note: Newly created relationship types can now be automatically assigned to the activity, streamlining the assignment process for administrators.
    Activity Type Timeline.jpg

Simplified Visual Design of Milestones Page

The new UI is notably simpler and more segregated. Information is now organized into more distinct categories, ensuring a clear and intuitive layout for admins. 

Key change:

  • Manual Milestone Types: Notable changes include the ability to assign the Company and Relationship type directly from the Manual Milestone Types page. 
    Timeline Manual Milestones.jpg

  • Automatic Milestones: Similarly, on the Automatic Milestone Types page, admins can assign the Company and Relationship type without navigating to other pages.
    Timeline Automatic Milestone.jpg

Changes to General Settings Page

The General page now includes only the Settings and Associated Records configuration sections. Key changes in General Settings page are:

  • All configurations related to enabling associated records are now streamlined and simplified, accessible directly from the General page. Click Configuration to efficiently set up multiple companies and relationship types with a Timeline Activity.
    Timeline General.jpg

  • The Activity Type section has been relocated to a dedicated tab named Activity Types


Are there any changes in the functionality of Associated Records?

No, there are no alterations to the functionality of Associated Records. However, there is a difference in how the fields are configured between the old and current versions.

Old Interface:

Fields were configured on the General Settings page.

Associated Records.jpg

Current interface:

  1. Navigate to the Timeline Administration > General tab.
  2. Click Configuration, The Associated Records Configuration slide out panel is displayed.
  3. Configure the fields. 

Associated records new Timeline.jpg

How does the enhanced preview section benefit administrators in Activity Type creation?

The enhanced preview section provides administrators with a visual representation of how the Activity type will be presented to Customer Success Managers (CSMs). This facilitates better customization and ensures a more accurate depiction of the final output.

Can Activity type be set to Global after the revamp?

No, the Global configuration has been completely eliminated from the Timeline configuration. You can only choose from Company and Relationships Type.

Are there any changes to the Integration UI?

No, there are no changes to the Integrations Page.

Are there any pages that have not undergone any changes?

The Integrations, Templates, and Activity Sync pages remain unchanged. 

What is the use of the Auto-assign feature?

When a new relationship is established for a company, the Auto Assign feature ensures the automatic assignment of activity types or milestone types for the newly created relationship types.

How to determine if I am on the old interface or the new Timeline Horizon Experience interface?

New Interface:

NEW Timeline Interface.jpg

Old Interface:

OLD Timeline Interface.jpg

Is there a way to revert to the old interface if needed?

No, once the upgrade is complete, reverting to the old interface is not supported. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the new Timeline Horizon Experience for optimal use.

Can existing Timeline data be seamlessly migrated to the new interface?

Yes, the migration process has been designed to ensure a seamless transition. Existing Timeline data will be automatically migrated to the new interface during the upgrade.

Which Gainsight CS product is getting this upgrade?

This upgrade is available for Gainsight NXT product only.

Is there a limit to the number of fields that can be configured in the Create Activity Type screen?

No, there is no predefined limit to the number of fields that can be configured. Adminis can customize and arrange fields according to their specific requirements in the Create Activity Type screen.

How can I provide feedback or report issues related to the new interface?

Users can submit feedback or report issues through the designated channels provided in the system. This may include support tickets, community forums, or direct communication with the support team.

Are there any changes to the notification system for Timeline activities?

No, the notification system for Timeline activities remains unchanged. Users will continue to receive notifications based on their configured preferences.

What are the changes that CSMs can notice in the Add Activity workflow in Global Timeline and GSHome Timeline page?

In the new interface, clicking Add Activity opens a dialog box where a CSM can enter the Company/Relationship and choose the specific activity types from a dropdown list. This makes the activity creation process more focused, efficient and offers a more streamlined and user-centric approach for managing activities. In the old interface, clicking Add Activity displayed all activity types in the dropdown at once, which was less organized and user-friendly. 

Current Interface:

Timeline FAQ new.jpg

Old Interface:

Timeline FAQ New.jpg