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Gainsight PX Zendesk and Docs Integration

Gainsight PX Zendesk Integration

The Zendesk/Gainsight PX Application is available for install using the Zendesk Marketplace. The install is available for all Zendesk users, but only those with Gainsight PX accounts will gain any benefit and have the required ApiKey. See below for installation instructions.

IMPORTANT: This application depends on the Gainsight PX field matching the email that the user used when filing the Zendesk ticket. That email value will be used to lookup user details and activity in Gainsight PX.

Installation Steps

The application will be installed in Zendesk using the following steps:

  1. Click on the Admin menu (Gear icon) on the left-hand menu bar, then click on the Marketplace:
  2. Use the search field to find the Gainsight PX application:
  3. Click on the Gainsight PX icon to see details about the application:
  4. Follow the steps mentioned in the How To Install tab to create a REST API key:
    how to install.png
  5. Click Install and chose which Zendesk account the application will be installed for:
  6. Enter the API key on the configuration screen.
  7. To test the install, view a Zendesk ticket for a user that has been identified on the application where the Gainsight PX tag is running. The user's email address in Zendesk will be used to pull Gainsight PX data for that user and display it in the right-hand side of the Zendesk screen.
  8. You can see all your activities performed while submitting a ticket under User Activity tab.
    user activity.png

Docs Integration

When PX is configured with Zendesk, you can view, add, and search all the articles available in Zendesk through Knowledge Center Bot.


Must have Zendesk login credentials to generate API Token. For more information on how to generate the API Token in Zendesk, refer Generating a new API token page.

Integrate Zendesk

To create a connection between Gainsight PX and Zendesk:

  1. Login to Gainsight PX with your personal credentials. Gainsight PX Dashboard is displayed.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Integrations.
  3. Click Settings icon. Zendesk Docs Search window displays.
  4. Enter the Token which you have already generated in Zendesk and Sub-domain.
    sub domain.png
  5. Click Apply.
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