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Initiate a Chat Session from a PX Engagement (i.e. Zendesk, Help Scout)


In many cases, Gainsight PX Engagements are built for tech touch in order to reduce the amount of support tickets and need for "live" interactions. There are also times where it is beneficial / ideal to offer to have the currently logged in user launch a live chat session (i.e. Zendesk chat).

Example use cases include:

Important Alert - Connect to Live Agent

Your team or back-end systems may have identified a user or account that requires the user speak directly to an agent on their next login (i.e. billing issue, maintenance).

Special Offer

You may have identified an audience of users based off their product usage to receive a special promotion/offer that can be immediately redeemed via support agent.

How to set it up

On your PX Engagement, you can add a button (or link) that when clicked will open (or close) a chat session. Most live chat platforms offer the ability to launch a session using a javascript call.

For example, here are the buttons you can add that will show or hide the Zendesk chat interface.


<button onclick="zE('webWidget', 'show')">Show Chat</button>

<button onclick="zE('webWidget', 'hide')">Hide Chat</button>


Help Scout offers a variety of ways to launch their Beacon that offers live chat. For example, you can launch the Live Chat Beacon by making a call to on the onclick event (assuming your product already has initialized the Help Scout Beacon as documented here.

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