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Troubleshooting Gainsight PX Installation

1) How does Gainsight PX track and identify elements?

Gainsight PX tracks any CSS selector in combination with a URL to identify elements which include Button/Link Clicks, Text Match on elements and all other activities on your web application via Custom Events. For more information on how to work on CSS selector, refer to Advanced Instrumentation article.

2) Does PX Tag track every attribute of all the elements on our Webapp?

No. The attributes that Gainsight PX tag captures varies based on the element type. However, the application captures the id and class attributes for all the elements.

The following table lists the additional attributes that PX captures based on the element type. 

HTML DOM* Element
(*Document Object Model)
Captured Attributes
a (Anchor) href
button name, value and type
img src, alt
select (dropdown) name
input name, type (NOT the value)
textarea name

Note: To track and capture custom (data) elements, you must configure the SDK via Administration > SDK Settings.

3) What are CSP whitelist URLs to put in our website headers to allow specific traffic to Gainsight sites?

Csp : *

4) Do developers need to do identify calls multiple times for each user session? OR Is it once?

No. You just need to make one call until the user gets successfully authorized in your web app. Once authorization is successful, it establishes a PX user session to track events.

You can make multiple identify calls as per your wish, but it is not required.

5) Are there any recommendations to make OUR application work best with Gainsight PX?

The majority of new web-apps are Single-page application (SPA) which leverage either React, Angular, or VUE. So, PX uses React and CS uses Angular. Additionally, putting IDs of the meaningful elements that the team wants to map as features is recommended.

6) How many user accounts do we get?

The contract charges are based on your MAUs not based on the internal users of your company.

7) With the tokens that need to be placed to grab the information- Do they need to be entered in the User tab as well as the Account tab (in Attributes)?

To know how to code Identify call in your application, refer The Configuration Checklist - Standard (Step 3) article.

8) How does PX Data flow into CS?

Refer Gainsight PX Connector article to know how data flows from PX connector in Gainsight application.

9) Does User ID token needs to be unique across all users? Is this for all accounts or just the account the user ID, it is associated with the customer?

PX requires a unique user id for all of the users to track/ associate the events in the web application to "who". In addition to user tracking, PX also provides tracking at an account level for which you need to provide a unique Account id, if you wanted to track at the account level and want to associate multiple users to one account. For example, the way Gainsight PX tracks you is:

  • User > Jessica > Unique User id1234
  • User > Mark > Unique User Id: 2345
  • Account > New Innovations > Account ID9876 > 2 users 1234 and 2345

10) Do we need to create a custom attribute in Gainsight PX before a team can use it in the javascript snippet or can teams add the attributes they need to the snippet and then

PX is able to backfill these values once they are created in the dashboard?
Any attribute which is not part of the standard list of attributes is available in PX at an account or user level. To achieve this, first needs to be added in PX and then sent via the javascript snippet. For more information, refer Track your Users and Accounts article.

11) Is there a way to exclude internal traffic from the analytics view?

Yes. You can exclude specific users from tracking. For more information, refer Exclude Specific Users from Tracking article.

12) If a user has an AdBlocker ON, can we still track and deliver engagements?

Yes, we can track. We are not on any blacklist. Also, we have a proxy solution which means all traffic would come from their domain name. If they explicitly set aptrinsic as blocked, then they need to whitelist the * domain.

13) Can we track our website in PX? If yes, how does it work?

There is no charge for this functionality. Here's how it works:

  • Adding the Website tracking code (the “-1” key), tracks the anonymous usage and that usage will be stored/maintained on PX database.
  • That anonymous user/data won’t be exposed to PX UI anywhere until that user fills out a form on the website in which case a lead will be created on PX and exposed on the PX UI with all of the previous usage data.
  • If the user fills out a form with email in the web site, we automatically convert him/her into a lead and PX displays Lead or User data. Check the Audience Explorer for Leads to view all of their activities.

 14) Are there any considerations when using a firewall like Azure Web App Firewall (WAF)?

The default configuration for Azure WAF blocks requests which require cookies for the Gainsight PX Guide and Product mappers.

To allow the mappers, you must modify the firewall configuration to exclude inspection of the PX cookies.  In particular, you must set the configure the firewall to exclude the "apt.token" cookie from inspection.  To learn more about exclusion list in WAF, click here.