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Gainsight NXT Patch Release Notes: Version 6.41.X series

This document contains information about new functionality or fixes made to existing functionality in the patch release of the 6.41.1 , 6.41.2, and 6.41.3 versions.

This document contains information about new functionalities or fixes made to existing functionality in the patch release of the 6.41.1, 6.41.2, and 6.41.3 versions.

Version 6.41.3, June 12, 2024



Click here for more information on Connectors
Connectors are integrations that are offered out-of-the-box so you can connect various data sources and sync their information to Gainsight.
Enhanced Experience of One-Click Integration for PX, CC, and CE

Gainsight has improved the one-click integration process for PX, CC, and CE. This update offers the following benefits to administrators:

PX Connection Enhancement:

  • Setup: Users with an existing PX connector no longer need to create an adoption explorer to ingest data. The setup is completed using the new integration process.


  • PX connections that have the out-of-the-box jobs, such as Company Sync and Company Sync Person are retained.
  • If you delete a PX connection and create a new one, new out-of-the-box jobs are created as part of the one-click integration.

Connectors page in Gainsight showing various connections, including a manual PX connection with a Setup button and statuses like Active and Failed.

For more information on how to establish a PX Connection, refer to the Product Experience (PX) Integration article.

New options on the PX, CC, and CE cards:

All Gainsight connection cards now include the following options:

  • Deactivate: Deactivates the connection and deletes the synced data in Gainsight.
  • Pause: Temporarily halts the data sync.
  • Activate: New data starts to sync.
  • Delete: Removes the connection.

These enhancements enable administrators to manage integrations and data synchronization more efficiently.

Version 6.41.2, May 27, 2024


Renewal Center and Customer Success Qualified Leads

Changes to Field Sorting and Filtering in Renewal Center and Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQL)

Gainsight introduces the following updates to filtering and field sorting in the opportunity, company forecast, and CSQL table views for both admins and end users.

Three table views—opportunity, company forecast, and CSQL—impacted by updates in sorting and filtering functionalities.

  • Sorting on Multi-Currency Fields: Table views now support logical sorting for fields with the Currency data type across multiple currencies. For example, if Opportunity A has an ARR value of $100 and Opportunity B has an ARR of £90, sorting the ARR column in descending order displays Opportunity B before Opportunity A.
  • Restricting Sorting on Specific Data Types: Table views no longer support sorting on fields of data types such as Rich Text Area and Multi-Select Dropdown List. Table views previously set to sort by these data types now default to sorting by the Modified Date field.
  • Filtering by User Lookup Fields: In the Renewal Center table view, global filters for fields that reference the User object and contain the ALL_USERS literals now display only records where a value is available in that field. Records with null values are not displayed in the filter results. 

    Note: This change is only applicable to table views in the Renewal Center and not CSQL.

    Filter configuration interface showing the field "CSM" set to "All Users" with the operator "equals" under the Analyze tab.

Version 6.41.1, May 10, 2024



Click here for more information on Customer Cheat Sheet
The Customer Cheat Sheet widget in C360 view to help the users in the Executive personas. This feature leverages Generative AI to create a narrative summary for users based on key customer metrics, strategic priorities, risks, product requests, renewals, executive changes, and much more using the last six months of their Timeline entries. CSMs can share this information via email to relevant users prior to their interactions. This saves time and streamlines access to customer summaries, empowering CS leaders, Executives, and CSMs with better support during their interactions.

Community.png Secure Sharing of Customer Cheat Sheet

To enhance the privacy and security of Gainsight platform, Gainsight has enhanced the email sharing feature. You can now only select internal users as attendees while sharing the Customer Cheat Sheet via email.

What's New?

Previously, users could select both internal and external attendees, including the Company Person options while sharing Cheat Sheet by emails. With this enhancement, only internal users are displayed as attendees to ensure that sensitive information remains within the organization. While attempting to share an email, there is a verification step to prevent any unauthorized access for external attendees.


  • Enter at least two characters to view all users. The attendee search list excludes the Company Person.
  • When you enter an external attendee, the Share Email button becomes disabled. An error message is displayed to reinforce compliance with internal communication policies. If an error message appears, return to the email list and remove any external email addresses. Use the Remove External Attendees option to automate this step. After removing external attendees, the Share Email button becomes enabled again.

Warning message alerting the user to verify privacy before sharing and to exclude external addresses

Key Improvements:

  • Internal Users Restriction: Removed the Company Person options from email domains choices to restrict sharing to internal users only.
  • Verification for External Attendees: Added a verification prompt to validate if external attendees are detected, helping to prevent unauthorized sharing.
  • Enhanced Error Messaging: Attempts to share emails with external attendees are now blocked automatically, with an error message displayed to reinforce compliance with internal communication policies.

Note: Users must verify the attendees list for external domains before sharing emails.

Previous Version Details

The Gainsight team works hard to provide new features, enhancements, and fix bugs. This section provides details of the work done in the previous release, these releases can either be patch or a scheduled major release.

Date Release Version Description

20 April 2024 (EU)
27 April 2024 (US)

6.41 Gainsight NXT Release Notes April 2024