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Introduction to the Administrator Role

Welcome to Gainsight! Your role is critical to the initial implementation and on-going maintenance of the Gainsight application. You will enable your customer success or account management team to realize amazing operational efficiency gains and increase their overall effectiveness.

Initial Preparation & Implementation

The Gainsight Administrator is responsible for the architecture and configuration of their environment. Initially, Admins will need to coordinate internally to help identify the sources, metrics, frequency, and granularity of their data.

Admins have a lot of flexibility and control over the configuration of Gainsight. For example, Admins can customize revenue bands, identify unique call to action reasons, and setup dashboard reports that meet the needs of your stakeholders. During the initial implementation, we’ll guide you through these decisions, in consultation with our Onboarding and/or Professional Services organization.

Working with your own customer success team, you’ll identify which processes to rollout and when. You will also help determine the most significant contributors to overall customer health, and learn how to configure a customer health scorecard that reflects your customer data. Similarly, you’ll develop a keen understanding of your organization’s sources of risk (of churn) as well as positive trends. Using this information, you’ll design business rules that analyze your customer data, and trigger actions for the customer success team to proactively engage with customers.

On-going Maintenance

After the initial implementation of Gainsight is complete, the Admin will own their instance of Gainsight. You will assess what’s working and what can be improved, as well as help prepare the CS team to roll out additional processes or functionality. For example, when your team is ready to distribute its next NPS® survey, Admins can help design the survey, and schedule its distribution to the appropriate contacts, all in Gainsight’s Survey module and Journey Orchestrator email tool. Inevitably, the business needs of your organization will evolve, and your utilization of Gainsight will evolve too.

Additional Information on the Admin Role 

For more information about the role of the Gainsight Administrator, check out these resources:

Are you replacing an existing Gainsight Administrator? 

See our article Best Practices for Transitioning Into the Gainsight Administrator Role


We encourage all new Admins to take our Admin e-learning courses, and then to sign up for our instructor-led classes for hands-on exercises and to learn best practices. See Gainsight Education for details. For questions, email

Gainsight Go 

You will find lots of detailed instructions and tutorials on Gainsight Go that were written specifically for you. In each product documentation category (for example, Cockpit & Playbooks), you will find a sub-category called Admin Guides. These articles explain how to configure various features and components of Gainsight. We also have a sub-category called Tutorials, where we explain step-by-step how to set up a specific report or rule, for example. In addition, there's an Administration category that's just for Admins and contains all of our content on administration, permissions, and so on.

Community Site and Support Team

In addition to the content on Gainsight Go, you can also visit the Gainsight Community, to ask questions, share best practices, interact with peers and product experts, and make feature suggestions.

If you can't find the information you're looking for on Gainsight Go or the Community, you can reach out to Gainsight's support team at For documentation feedback, you can also email

Maintenance and Incident Notification 

To be notified of Gainsight maintenance and incidents, please subscribe to to view performance metrics, planned maintenance dates, and incident reports. We also recommend subscribing to the Product News & Updates category on our Community site for more details about upcoming releases.

Admin Office Hours 

Admin Office Hours are hosted once a week, and you can register and submit questions/topics to be addressed in advance.

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