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Gainsight Assist Chrome Plug-in FAQs

Gainsight NXT


This article answers the most frequently asked questions on the Gainsight Assist Chrome Plug-in.

What is the Gainsight Assist Chrome Plug-in feature about?

It allows Gainsight users to access Gainsight data within Gmail.

Why do we need this plug-in?

CSMs who use their email inbox day in and day out. If users keep switching between applications it will cause delayed productivity and increased friction.

Where does this plug-in work?

Currently, only with Gmail.

Which Gainsight editions this plug-in is supported?

It is supported in NXT, SFDC, and HYBRID editions, except for SFDC editions in the European (EU) region. 

How to get access to the plug-in?

You can download the Gainsight Assist chrome plug-in extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Who can use the plug-in?

Any Gainsight user can use the plug-in.

Is there any check on which Gmail account user can access the plug-in?

Yes, Gmail accounts must be of the email id which is registered with Gainsight. 

How to check which email id is registered for a given user?

It can be checked in the user profile.

What all features are supported in this version of the plug-in?

The following features are currently supported:

  • Email templates

  • Log to timeline

Are both operational and non-operational email templates supported?


Which templates are available in the plug-in?

Templates that are enabled by the admin will be available in the plug-in.

How does the primary recipient search work as the plug-in does not have any company context?

Chrome plug-in honors permission bundles. If permission bundles are set it will be honored.

Is BCC to timeline honored in the plug-in?


What will be the behavior if a user uses BCC and selects the log to timeline from the plug-in?

There will be duplicate entries in the timeline. It's suggested that when using a plug-in to log emails to the timeline, do not use BCC.

Will there be a sync of timeline activity status between the Gainsight application and plug-in?


When do I see a conflict resolution popup?

When the recipients of an email belonging to more than one company or relationship are selected.

Which Companies/Relationships will be listed in the conflict resolution popup?

Companies/Relationships for which recipients of email have been matched will be listed.

What happens if the conflict resolution popup is closed without resolving the conflict?

The email will be saved as a draft.

Can I resolve the draft within the plug-in?


Can tokens be resolved in the plug-in?

Yes, based on the primary recipient selected tokens will be resolved.

Is there any limitation on the types of tokens supported?

Yes, Report and survey tokens are not supported in this version of the plug-in.

Can I log both inbound and outbound emails?


Can I use this feature using the email composer window in maximize mode?

Yes, you can use Gainsight email templates in both minimize and maximize modes.

Can I edit the email template from the plug-in side panel?

No. However, you can edit the template once it is copied to the email composer.

Can I use multiple email templates in a single email?

Yes, you can use multiple email templates in one email.

When I log an email does the whole thread get logged?


Is there any character limit to log the email to Timeline?

Yes, emails with up to 34K characters are only logged to Timeline.

Will users receive notifications if there is an increase in the character limit or attachment file size?

Yes, users will receive email notifications.

Do the attachments in the email also get logged to Timeline, if the email contains attachments?

The number of emails and the attachment size limits in the email to be synced is based on the Timeline Activities limits. For more information, refer to the Log Customer Emails as Timeline Activities article. 

Do I need to log in to the chrome plug-in again if I am already logged in to the GS application in the same tab?

For NXT users, it automatically redirects to the Welcome to Gainsight screen. SFDC users, have to log in again even if they have already logged in to the GS application. 

When the Gainsight Assist chrome plug-in is in use, does it block other plug-ins?

No, you can use this plug-in along with other plug-ins available in the market.

Does this feature support the Bi-directional sync of emails between Gmail and Timeline?

No, we do not support bi-directional sync yet. Only emails from Gmail are logged into the timeline, and the status of the Timeline activity can be seen in Gmail.

Does this plug-in also support the emails that are sent using the Schedule Send option in Gmail?

No, This plug-in is not supported for emails that are sent using the Schedule Send option in Gmail.

Are there any limitations with Gainsight Assist Chrome Plug-in?

Yes, there are two limitations with the Gainsight Assist Chrome Plug-in:

  • Gainsight does not support any Chrome external extensions that modify the Gmail theme; activities will be logged with the default Gmail theme.
  • Inactive companies will not be shown in the company or relationship search from the plugin to log the activity.
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