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Period Over Period Comparison in Data Designer

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This article explains the Period Over Period Comparison function of Formula Field in Data Designer.


The Period Over Period Comparison function helps compare data for any metric in two defined periods.This function is available as an option while configuring formula fields in the Data Transform phase of Data Designer.

Business Use Case:

Using this function, users can easily compare the logins or metrics from one period (quarter) with the past periods.

Use Period Over Period Comparison in Formula Field

You can configure formula fields using the following functions available in Period Over Period Comparison:

  • Period Over Period Comparison
  • Period Over Period Comparison Percentage

Note: The inputs to above functions remain the same, the only differences are in the outcome in terms of Value in Period Over Period Comparison, and in terms of Percentage in the latter case.

The following is a list of all arguments available within Period Over Period Comparison function:

  • Date Identifier: This defines the date field required for the comparison. If there are multiple date fields in a task, this option helps choose the correct date field for period calculations.

    Note: A Date Identifier is mandatory to create a Period Over Period Comparison.
  • Define Period: This defines the period of time in terms of Days, Weeks, Months, or Years.
  • Add metric and comparison period: This section includes:
    • Compare: This defines the method of aggregation (such as Count, Sum, Average) of the metric value (such as ARR or MRR).
    • Over Past - Prior Periods: This defines the number of prior periods to be included for comparison.
  • Ignore missing data: Select the checkbox to consider missing data as zero. This is helpful when calculating average of metrics, where the missing data is taken as a null value for the selected metric.

Adding Period Over Period Comparison Formula

To use Period Over Period Comparison:

  1. Navigate to the Preparation stage in Data Designer.
  2. Apply Transform on a dataset. A window with the dataset name Transform appears.
  3. In the Fields tab, click Add Formula Field. The Formula Field Builder window appears.

    Note: A Date field in the Group By must be selected to use Period Over Period Comparison.
  4. Perform the following actions:
    1. In the Label textbox, enter a unique name of the formula.
    2. From the Data Type dropdown, select Number as the data type.
    3. From the Expression Type dropdown, select Period Over Period Comparison.
    4. In the Decimal Places textbox, enter the decimal places to round the value of the metric to be measured.
    5. From the Date Identifier dropdown, select the date field.
    6. In the Define Period textbox, enter the timeframe value and from the dropdown, select the timeframe in terms of Days, Weeks, Months, Years.
    7. From the Compare dropdown, select the aggregation method such as Sum, Count, Average etc. and the metric value such as ARR, or MRR.
    8. In the Over Past - Prior Periods, enter the value of Prior Period for comparison.
    9. Select the Ignore Missing data checkbox to treat missing data as zero.
  5. Click Save.

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