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Use Company Intelligence in Microsoft Teams

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This article explains how to use the Company Intelligence feature in Microsoft Teams after Admins configure the list of companies and signals they want to track.


Admins can use Gainsight Sally in Microsoft Teams to receive Company Intelligence posts related to the company and signals that the admin has configured. 


  • To receive Company Intelligence posts, Sally must be configured in Microsoft Teams. Contact your Gainsight Admin to configure Sally in Microsoft Teams.
  • Contact your Gainsight Admin to get Company Intelligence enabled in your Tenant.

Follow Companies in Microsoft Teams 

You can receive Company Intelligence notifications as a direct message delivered by Sally. You must follow Companies for which you want to receive notifications in Microsoft Teams. For more information on how to follow companies, refer to the Gainsight Notifications in Microsoft Teams article.

Company Intelligence information about the default organization is received as a direct message in Sally. The information received is dependent on the signals configured for the Companies. 

On-Demand Query for Company Intelligence 

The user can perform an on-demand query for Company Intelligence for a specific company. In this case, the Company Intelligence information related to the organization-wide default signals are sent as a message in Sally. 

Command: Get news

Example: Get news for Genepoint

get news.jpg

Company Intelligence is an add-on feature Contact your Gainsight Admin for more information on how to get Company Intelligence enabled for Sally in Microsoft Teams.

Access Information in Sally 

Users can view the following details of the company:

  • Summary
  • Health Score
  • Attributes
  • Recent Activities
  • NPS® Survey
  • Sponsors
  • Renewal Date
  • CSM
  • CTA Summary

For more information, refer to the Access Information in Sally section of the Use Gainsight Sally in Microsoft Teams (End-User) article.

Unfollow Companies in Microsoft Teams

You can use the unfollow <<company name>> query in Sally to opt out from receiving Company Intelligence posts.

Note: If there are minor spelling mistakes or typos in the commands, Sally tries to recognize the request and returns an appropriate response(s).

Additional Resources 

For more information on Company Intelligence and Gainsight Sally in Microsoft Teams, refer to the following articles: 

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