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Company Intelligence FAQs

Gainsight NXT


The goal of this article is to answer the FAQs of the Company Intelligence feature.

How does Company Intelligence monitor for signals like layoffs and exec changes in companies?

Company Intelligence fetches information from news, press releases, blogs, articles, and other information sources from the public domain.

How will users receive Company Intelligence posts?

Users can receive Company Intelligence posts through Slack, Email, and the Company Intelligence section in the C360 page. 

How much time will it take for the results to appear as part of the Mapping Process?

The mapping process completes immediately if the company is already available in the database. For a new company, the mapping process completes within 48 hours.

How many configurations can an Admin set-up as part of configuring the list of companies?

Currently, admins can only configure one list of companies to get relevant information as part of the Company Intelligence feature. Later, they can only edit this configuration to add or remove companies from the list, but cannot add a new configuration.

Will Admins receive a notification if the status of the companies in the Mapping in-progress section changes?

Yes, admins who last modified the Company Intelligence configuration will receive email notifications if there is any change in the status of the company in the Mapping in-progress section. 

What is the time period taken to evaluate if any new companies are added or removed based on the filter criteria set by the Admin while configuring the list of companies?

The filter criteria are evaluated every day. 

How many rounds of the Mapping Process are performed?

Two rounds. Admins can assume at that point that Gainsight is unable to find a particular company and then the status is changed to ‘Company Not Found’.

Does the Company Intelligence feature allow users to post activities or create CTAs at the Relationship level?

No, currently it does not allow users to post activities or create CTAs at the Relationship level. 

What type of signals does Company Intelligence support?

The following is the list of six types of Signals available for customers in the Company Intelligence feature:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Downsizing
  • Exec Changes
  • Funding
  • IPO (Initial Public Offering)
  • M&A
What are the sources of information for the Company Intelligence feature? How long do the updates take to sync in Gainsight?

Company Intelligence has three major types of sources

  • News from news publishers News publishers include
    • Business News syndicates ( Reuters, Bloomberg, FT, Associated Press, Canadian Press, Biz Journals) - News Producers
    • Industry focused Newspapers (TechCruch, Mashable, Automobile News etc.,)
    • Regional newspaper ( City-wide/Town/County-wide)
  • Press Releases published through Press Wires ( Business Wire, PR Newswires, etc.)
  • Press Releases / Blogs Published through Company Website

It takes at most 24 hours for the updates to reflect in Gainsight. Gainsight consolidate the previous day's news and shares it with the customers.

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