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Gainsight Inc.

Gainsight CS Packaging Overview

This article explains the Gainsight CS Packages and Package Limits applicable to Gainsight CS customers.

Note: The new pricing is effective only to new customers. Existing customers are onboarded to the new pricing at the time of renewal.

Gainsight Customer Success Packages

The following two Gainsight Customer Success packages are available:

  • Essentials: This package is recommended for growing businesses and Customer Success organizations looking to start fast.
  • Enterprise: This package is recommended for organizations looking to unleash the full power of the industry’s leading CS platform.

Package Overview

The following table explains the Essentials and Enterprise packages. Brief explanation of the list of symbols used in the table:

  • ✅ : Module is included in the package at no additional cost.
  • ❌ : Module is not available in the package.
  • πŸ’² : Module is not included as standard and can be added for an additional fee.
Category License / Module Essentials Enterprise


Customer Records 1000
(100 per full user)
(200 per full user)
Full Users 10 20
Viewer+ License 2 per full user 4 per full user
Core Modules C360
GS Home
Horizon Analytics
Adoption Explorer
People Maps
CSQL (Customer Success Qualified Leads)
JO (Simple & Advanced Programs)
Surveys and Survey Analytics
Success Plans
Success Snapshots
Full User CRM Access
Advanced Tools Text Analytics (Single source)
Text Analytics (Multi-source) πŸ’²
Renewal Center πŸ’²
Sponsor Tracking πŸ’²
Company Intelligence πŸ’²
Business Modeler πŸ’²
Company Teams
Sandbox πŸ’² 1 included (additional πŸ’²)
AI Features Renewal Prediction (It is available only if Renewal Center is included in the package or purchased as an add-on)
Impact Analyzer
Scorecard Optimizer
Write with AI
AI Cheat Sheet
AI Follow-Up
Platform Capabilities Data Management
User Management
Rules Engine
Data Designer
Sightline Integrations (up to 5 integrations)
Product Catalog

Package Limits

The following table explains the applicable package limits on the Essentials and Enterprise packages. Brief explanation of the terms used in the table:

  • Units denotes the amount of data (in GB) consumed after compression.
  • N/A denotes that a limit buy-up is not available.
Limits Essentials Enterprise
Full Users 50 N/A
Sightline Integrations 5 5
Sponsors 250 500
API Calls 100 per min, 50000 per day 200 per min, 100000 per day
Data Storage 60 units 150 units