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Gainsight Inc.

Gainsight PX Package Overview and System Limits

This article explains the system limits applicable at feature and package level in Gainsight PX.

Gainsight Product Experience Packages

The following are the availaible Gainsight PX Packages:

  • PX Essentials: PX Essentials delivers product analytics, usage visualizations and activation tracking for growing products and teams. Understand your users and activate them with customer sentiment surveys, in-app guides and a Knowledge Center bot.
  • PX Enterprise: PX Enterprise Package includes everything in PX Essentials, plus enterprise security features, advanced S3 integration, language localization, unlimited MAU support and increased data retention.
Category Essentials Enterprise
Product Analytics Yes Yes
Web/Mobile/Desktop Yes Yes
In App Surveys Yes Yes
In App Guides Engagements Yes Yes
Email Engagements Yes Yes
KC Bot (Singe Active) Yes Yes
KC Bot (Multiple) No Yes
Tracking across tags (tenant) No Yes
Basic Essentials Integrations Yes Yes
Advanced Enterprise Integrations No Yes
Enterprise Security No Yes
Language Localization No Yes

The following are the Gainsight PX Packages and their respective limits:


PX Essentials

Ideal For: Customers with single product, low MAU and event volume, and single channel deployments.

PX Enterprise

Ideal For: Customers with multiple products, cross product tracking, high MAU and event volume, multiple channel deployments, more integrations and advanced security features.

Supported Monthly Active Users Unlimited Unlimited
Number of events per MAU 5K 10K
Maximum events
  • 500 events per session
  • 1K events per day
  • 500 events per session
  • 1K events per day
Product tags included by default 1 1
Maximum product tags that can be additionally added 2 Unlimited
Data retention period 36 Months 36 Months
Maximum emails that can be sent
(can be extended)
100K 500K
Number of events tracker per features Unlimited Unlimited


Gainsight PX System Limits


Custom Events

Custom event limitations are imposed by the PX Events Framework on the server side.

Note: The limitations are imposed on all SDKs. The SDK itself does not impose any limitations on custom event name, number of properties/values, and the property name.

Purpose Limits
Maximum Custom Event types that can be created, including Global Context 2K
Maximum number of unique Custom Events 2K per product
Maximum characters in property name or key 1024
Maximum characters in Custom Event name 2K
Maximum values that can be added to a property 50

Product Mapper

Purpose Limits
Maximum of features and modules that can be mapped 10K
Maximum of rules that can be mapped 10K
Permissible backfill operations Up to 6 months
Total number of backfill events allowed in a month: 10M
Backfill limit reset date: 1st of every calendar month

User or Account Attributes

Purpose Limits
Maximum Custom Attributes that can be uploaded 75 per user or account
Maximum characters in Custom Attribute name 200
Maximum characters in Custom Attribute value 1024

Email Engagements

Purpose Limits
Number of email engagement that can be sent consecutively to a user 20 per contact, over seven days

Guide Engagements

Purpose Limits
Maximum number of steps in a guide engagements 50 (Effective from February 2024)
Note: Guide engagements created before Feb 2024 with over 50 steps won't be affected, but you can't add back steps beyond this limit if any are removed. When cloning a guide that has more than 50 steps, only the first 50 steps will be copied.

Knowledge Center Bot

Purpose Limits
Maximum allowed height of KC Bot 999 px
Maximum allowed width of KC Bot 1000 px


Purpose Limits
Maximum domains (URLs) allowed in Google Search Knowledge Base 100
Maximum data that can be parsed in S3 Account and User Import CSV file 350K rows, per file


Purpose Limits
Export limit for Query Builder CSV reports 100K rows
Export limit for Audience Explorer 30K rows
Export limit for Accounts Explorer 10K rows


Purpose Limits
Maximum public API calls across all products for a subscription
(can be extended)
1M per day
Rate limit for public APIs for a subscription 500 API calls, per second