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Error Codes for Company, Relationship, and Custom Object APIs

Error Codes

This article shows the list of error codes that you may receive in the error response to Company, Relationship, and Custom Object API. Error descriptions, their reasons, and HTTP status codes are added in support to the Error codes.

A sample Error Response to each API call in the Company, Relationship, and Custom object APIs is shown in the respective API Documentation. For detailed information, refer Company API Documentation and Custom Object API Documentation.

Following is the list of Error codes:

Error Code
(key "errorCode")
Error Description
(key "errorDesc")
Reason HTTP Status Code
GSOBJ_1001 Field exceeds maximum allowed length When the length of string is greater than the specified length in the object metadata. 400
GSOBJ_1002 Invalid field, please re-check data mapping If any invalid value is passed into the data type 400
GSOBJ_1003 Failed to delete data It happens in case of Database failures 500
GSOBJ_1004 Either the Gainsight ID is invalid or missing, please re-check your request. If the GSID in the path parameter is blank or null.
Applicable in case of Transactional Update/Delete with GSID
GSOBJ_1005 Invalid dateTime format (%s(columnName)= %s(columnValue)) When the DateTime sent by user is not parseable by any of the specified DateTime formats by Gainsight. 400
GSOBJ_1006 Invalid dateTime format (%s(columnName)= %s(columnValue)) When the Date sent by user is not parseable by any of the specified Date formats by Gainsight. 400
GSOBJ_1007 Invalid field value (%s(columnName) = %s(columnValue)) If a field is not nullable and the user sends a null value. 400
GSOBJ_1008 Message is not constant. It depends on the type of validation.
Percentage: Failed to parse value as percentage. (%s(columnName) = %s(columnValue)).
Boolean: Invalid Boolean Value: %s(columnValue) (%s(columnName) = %s(columnValue))
Generic data validation error. In case the data is not parsed or is against the specified rules. 400
GSOBJ_1009 Failed to batch insert data It happens in case of Database failures 500
GSOBJ_1010 Immutable fields such as GSID, Modified Date, Created Date cannot be changed. Please re-check your request. When the user tries to update GSID or any such immutable field (eg. ModifiedDate, CreatedDate, ScorecardId) 400
GSOBJ_1011 No entity matches the given criteria, please re-check your request If a given criteria does not return any rows from the database 400
GSOBJ_1012 Invalid value provided, not available in lookup If the options specified in the value do not have a matching result in the picklist options. 400
GSOBJ_1013 Failed to communicate with server. Please contact your administrator When internal API calls fail 500
GSOBJ_1016 Invalid or empty request body, failed to contact endpoint If the user sends an empty request (No body or empty map) 400
GSOBJ_1017 Internal Server Error Occurred. Please contact support team When there are unexpected errors in the gs-objects application. 500
GSOBJ_1018 Data type not supported yet If data types are not available in gs-objects (Currently: WhoId, WhatId, JSON) 400
GSOBJ_1019 Invalid email address supplied. (%s(columnName)= %s(columnValue)) Invalid email format 400
GSOBJ_1020 Invalid lookup information provided, please verify and try again If the source keys are not available in the user's data object
The user does not define a valid object name (not null/not blank)
GSOBJ_1021 Failed to map columns from the given data map. Please verify the input data map N/A 400
GSOBJ_1023 Invalid API called, please refer to API documentation or contact support team Defined path is not correct 400
GSOBJ_1024 Invalid authorization headers, please re-check your API request When the requestInfo & Secret are not available in the headers 400
GSOBJ_1025 Data for required columns is absent, please re-check your data If a Field is marked as required but the data is invalid or empty or not available 400
GSOBJ_1026 Invalid currency value. Failed to validate. (%s(columnName)= %s(columnValue)) When the API fails to parse currency value 400
GSOBJ_1027 Text exceeds maximum length. (%s(columnName)= %s(columnValue)) When the length of content for Rich Text Area field is greater than the defined length 401
GSOBJ_1028 Null Value Check will handle this (Refer: GSOBJ_1007) If a field is required but the data is empty 400
GSOBJ_1029 Null Value Check will handle this (Refer: GSOBJ_1007) N/A 400
GSOBJ_1030 N/A Since XSS Scan is done by API Gateway, this scenario cannot be reached N/A
GSOBJ_1031 Transaction limit reached. Given criteria impacts more rows than the given limit Whenever the DB operation exceeds a specified limit 400
GSOBJ_1032 Query Parameter 'keys' is absent. Please validate your query Query parameter 'keys' is available but without any criteria labels 400
GSOBJ_1033 Query parameter 'keys' present but without any criteria labels Query Parameter 'keys' is not available 400
GSOBJ_1034 Key field validation failed. Field should be present in request and the value should not be null This error will be removed soon when validation on all key fields is performed on an intermediary layer 400
GSOBJ_1035 Request operation is not supported as of now. Please contact support team We do not support Cascade Delete as of now hence we throw UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION_ERROR 500
GSOBJ_1036 Update keys provided are not unique If the given criteria returns duplicate rows (if you can have 200 rows with Employees = 10, but in case of the APIs provided, they have transactional behaviour. (One to One Mapping) 400
GSOBJ_1037 Update keys should not be part of lookup fields Lookups are not allowed in the key criteria 400
GSOBJ_1038 Update key not found in request or corresponding value is null Values of the key fields should not be null in the records 400
GSOBJ_1039 Maximum of 3 keys are allowed for Update/Delete operations. Please re-check your request Maximum number of keys in case of update & delete is 3. If the user defined keys in the URL is greater than 3, system responds with an error 500
GSOBJ_1040 Restricted data type used in key fields. Please re-check your request When the restricted data types are used in the key fields such as Multiselect, Lookup etc. 400
GSOBJ_1041 Data list cannot be empty in the request body When the records field in the request is empty or null 400
GSOBJ_1042 Failed to fetch object definition, please re-check your request The first object definition fetched is 'byci=1', where the child definition is also fetched, if the response does not contain the lookup object's definition in the mapping then the system responds with this error 400
GSOBJ_1045 Failed to map self lookup configuration. (Should contain exactly one key and MultiMatch/NoMatch options cannot be changed) If the self lookup details are incorrect 400
GSOBJ_1046 Invalid self-lookup configuration provided, Multimatch (Default = FIRSTMATCH) and Insert (Default = NULLABLE) options are defaulted and cannot be changed When the configuration related to self lookup (fallback options) is not configured properly 500
GSOBJ_1047 Failed to parse request body, please re-check the request When the Gainsight ID is invalid or missing 400
GSOBJ_1048 Failed to map lookup columns, please re-check your request When the columns mentioned in the lookup fields are wrong or not available in the target object 400


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