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Relationship Section in C360

Gainsight NXT


This article explains how end users can view all the consolidated relationship insights that the company is associated with from the Relationship section in C360.


Relationship is an object in Gainsight that provides the flexibility to accurately model and manage complex customer arrangements by creating Relationship Types and Relationships. Relationships take Customer Success beyond managing Companies, they help CSMs manage each connection point (Relationship).

Relationship in C360

The Relationship capability enables customers to define success at a more granular level than customer.

To view the Relationship tab in C360:

  1. Search for the required company name in the Global search. 
  2. Click the Relationship tab.

Components of the Relationship Tab 

The various components of the Relationship section are explained below:

Relationship Section in C360 (Beta) - Google Docs 2022-10-17 at 11.43.04 AM.jpg

  1. Types: Displays the available relationship types for the company selected.
    Note: Only the relationship types associated with the current customer are listed here.
  2. Reports: Displays the reports built using the Report Builder that is connected to the relationship types of the current customer.
    Note: The Reports section depends on the configuration done by the admin.
  3. Summary Ribbon: Displays the aggregated matrix of all the relationships shown in the List/Card view of the company.
  4. Refresh: Updates/refreshes all the information displayed on the page.
  5. Filters: Filter data based on the defined criteria.
  6. List view: Displays the relationships in a list view.
  7. Add: Allows you to add new relationships.
    Note:  The Add option visibility, depends on the configuration done by the admin.For more information on how to add relationships, refer to the Configure Relationship Section and Views in 360 article.
  8. Card view: Displays the relationships in a card view. The sort feature is available within the Card view.
    To sort the relationships within the Card View:
    • Click the Sort icon.
    • From the derived list of fields, it could be sorted in Asc (ascending order) or Des (descending order). The derived list of fields in the drop down menu of Sort icon depends on the list of fields available on the card.
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