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Overview of Horizon AI Toggle: Empowering User Data Control

This article provides an overview of how to enable the Horizon AI features in the Gainsight instance.


At Gainsight, the focus is on transparency, complete control over shared data, and the utmost protection of data. To enhance transparency and control, the Horizon AI Toggle is developed, giving administrators the power to Switch ON or OFF the Generative AI functionality and its associated features within Horizon AI. Currently, there are three key features: Takeaways, Customer Cheat Sheet, and Meeting Assist.

The Generative AI Settings Page

The Horizon AI Settings page is located in the Administration > Horizon AI and is designed to provide complete control to all users. 

Horizon AI Settings.png

The key features are:

  • Default Off: By default, all the toggles for each Horizon AI supported feature are OFF, ensuring that data processing only commences when administrators choose to activate them.
    Note: Admins can turn ON all the options at once and they need to click Save to save their choices.
  • Manual Activation: Administrators can manually enable Generative AI Toggle for each of the three features: Takeaways, Cheat Sheet, and Meeting Assist.
  • Data Protection Assurance: Users accessing Generative AI Toggle must be aware of data safeguarding measures and compliance with relevant regulations, including GDPR. For more information on the data protection efforts, refer to Annexure 1: Customer Cheat Sheet - Data Security and Privacy Summary section.
  • Control at Users' Fingertips: Administrators have the liberty to Switch On or OFF Generative AI Toggle for individual features or all features at any point. Switching OFF the toggle halts the data from processing.

Note: If the Genrative AI toggle is turned off after data is generated, this generated data is not deleted. Gainsight recommends to contact Gainsight support for further assistance.

Handling Objections

For users objecting to data usage, the Horizon AI Settings page is automatically turned OFF and admins cannot turn them ON. Admins need to contact their privacy and security team and send an email to to withdraw their objection and have feature toggles available to use in future. For more information, refer to the Data Privacy for Gainsight Generative AI Supported Features FAQs article..

Annexure 1: Data Security and Privacy Summary

The Customer Cheat Sheet feature utilizes Microsoft Azure under an enterprise agreement to facilitate its delivery. Within Gainsight’s Azure infrastructure, the OpenAI models are hosted, and all data processed by Azure remains within Gainsight's Azure Instance. Neither Microsoft, OpenAI, nor Chat GPT uses customer data for their AI model training, nor do they utilize it for other clients of Gainsight. Furthermore, no data is shared with OpenAI or Chat GPT; all data is processed within Gainsight's Azure infrastructure. For the deployment of the Cheat Sheet feature, Gainsight utilizes Microsoft Azure's hosting servers located in various regions, including East US, South Central US, West Europe, UK South, and France Central.

Before processing data via Azure, Gainsight ensures that phone numbers and email IDs are masked, except for personal names and any addresses found in email signatures.

Gainsight has conducted a comprehensive data protection impact assessment for the Cheat Sheet feature and has undertaken due diligence on Microsoft Azure to ensure their ability to provide adequate guarantees for data privacy and security. This includes security reviews and data protection impact assessments. A written agreement is in place with Microsoft Azure, imposing data protection obligations at least as protective as those specified in our DPA. This agreement, among other things, mandates the sub-processor to process personal data solely according to our documented instructions, implement appropriate technical and organizational measures for data protection, and provide assistance in meeting GDPR obligations. A Transfer Impact Assessment (TIA) has also been conducted concerning data transfers to the USA. Given the relevant safeguards and practical experience of Microsoft Azure, the risk associated with this transfer is considered low.

To enable the Customer Cheat Sheet feature, contact the Gainsight  TechOps team. Similarly, you can request the TechOps team to Switch OFF the access to the Cheat Sheet at any time.

Microsoft Azure retains prompts and completions from the service for a duration of up to thirty (30) days. This retention period serves to monitor for content or behaviors that may suggest a violation of applicable product terms.

For more details on how Microsoft Azure hosts OpenAI models and manages data privacy and security, click the links mentioned below:

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