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Data Privacy FAQs for Generative AI Supported Features

Gainsight is currently working on a number of generative AI features and we have engaged Microsoft Azure to act as a subprocessor for these features. If we are to engage with additional vendors to assist in delivering future features, a subprocessor notice will be sent out to our clients. If you have additional questions or concerns not listed here, please contact

Can you please explain the exact personal data that will be processed?

All these features will make use of a subset of the personal data stored within your Gainsight instance. Since Gainsight integrates with your CRM, this data can include names, job titles, and business contact information (such as physical addresses) of your customers and prospects. Additionally, it can include the names and titles of Gainsight users. It's worth noting that email addresses and phone numbers are intentionally excluded from processing, as they are concealed or masked for privacy and security reasons.

Additional data points may include contents of emails, customer notes and customer-level data from a client’s CRM.

How will the data be used?

All of our generative AI features will solely use your personal data to deliver the specific feature to you. This data is not shared with other clients or other vendors (like OpenAI), and we do not expect this data to be used to train any AI language models (if that changes then we would send out an additional notice to you). 

We have engaged an Enterprise host service offering with Microsoft that incorporates OpenAI models within the Azure environment. The models were developed by OpenAI but then licensed to Microsoft to run in the Microsoft environment. OpenAI does not have access to any of the data that runs through the models.

Where will my data be processed by Microsoft Azure?

Gainsight will use Microsoft servers located in the following regions: France Central, West Europe, UK South, Japan East and US East. If the data originates in the EU then the data will be processed by the servers located in the France Central or West Europe regions.

We do not currently expect that any Client data will  be used to train any generative AI models - the notice we sent out seeking your consent to use Microsoft Azure as a subprocessor for your Client data stated this, and so if  our plans in respect to training change we will send out a subsequent notice stating this and seeking additional consent.

The model for the Generative AI features will only be run on Client’s data within a Client instance. No other Gainsight client will have access to Client’s data.

Will the generative AI functionality be opt-in or opt-out? Can I opt-out at a future date if I have opted-in?

The generative AI features will be "opt-in" and you will need to toggle the functionality on for each specific feature. If you want to "opt-out" at a future date then you can simply toggle the feature to “Off”.

Access to the Generative AI settings page can be managed through permission bundles. While it's already a part of the default full-access bundle (DEFAULT_BUNDLE), it can also be included in custom bundles for more precise control.

If you would like to  remove the feature toggles entirely from the UI, please email in order to do so. Note: The toggles cannot be individually disabled by feature; all will be universally grayed out. 

You may not have the ability to turn the feature on from your instance if your privacy and/or legal team sent in an objection to our subprocessor notice. If you would like access, your privacy and/or legal team will need to rescind the objection by emailing, referring to the prior objection,  and specifically mentioning it is being rescinded.