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Load to Scorecard History Action Type

Gainsight NXT


This article describes how to load a Scorecard History object using Bionic Rules in Rules Engine.


 Load to Scorecard History action type introduced in Setup Action area of Rules Engine enables Admins to:

  • Build historical health score data in the Scorecard History object while onboarding customers. 
  • Modify health score calculations based on a newly added measure.
  • Update old scores to align with the model selected in the Rules Engine Actions page. This includes changes in measure criteria, weights, new measures added, etc.

Load Data to Rules Engine  

  You can load data into the Rules engine from any of the following channels. 

  • Any Gainsight object: If your Data is present in an object, create a dataset to fetch data from the object. For more information on how to create a dataset, refer to the Fetch Data section of the Folder and Tasks Creation article.

  • S3 Dataset Task:  If you store your business contacts data in a CSV file and upload it into an S3 bucket, you can create a dataset by fetching data in this CSV file. For more information on how to create a dataset from a CSV file in the S3 bucket, see the S3 Dataset Task in the Rules Engine article.

Setup Action: Load to Scorecard History

To configure this Action Type:

  1. Navigate to the Setup Action page.
  2. Click + ACTION
  3. From the Action drop-down menu, select the Load to Scorecard History action type. 
  4. (Optional) Enter a description in the Description field.
  5. Provide the following details:
  • Operation: Either Insert or Upsert option. Insert option creates new records. However, upsert updates existing records. If no matching record is found, only then it creates new records.
  • Select Company Identifier: The required company identifier for which records to be updated in the Scorecard History object.
  • Select Measure: The Measure whose Score must be set.
  • Select Scorecard: This field displays the list of Scorecards in which the Measure selected in the above step, is used. Select one of the scorecards.
  • Time Granularity: A value for which action related calculations are performed. 
  • Date Identifier: A date for which scorecard history details are stored.
  • From Date: A date from the Calendar. This is the start date of the date range within which the action related calculations are performed. The date range allows a maximum limit of six months.
  • To Date: An end date of the date range from the Calendar.
  • Set Score from: The score as required. 
    Note: If the scale option is not enabled, any value outside this range is not set.
  1. (Optional) Click + CRITERIA to add fields from the Show section of your dataset,  to add criteria to load score.
  2. Click SAVE.


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