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Load to Relationship V2 Action Type

Gainsight NXT



This action type is used to create Relationships automatically. This action type is useful when you want to create a relationship for every new opportunity won. You can use this action type to automate the creation of Relationships, instead of creating them manually every time. For more information on how to use this action type, refer to Create Relationships from Rules engine article.

Configure Load to Relationship V2

Rules can be built for both Company and Relationships and support actions based on the option selected. The following table lists a set of action types and the entity to which the action type is applicable 

Action Applicable to Company?            Applicable to                         Relationship?
Call to Action 2.0 ( Create or Update) Yes Yes
Call to Action 2.0 (Close) Yes Yes
Load to Usage Yes NA
Load to Customers Yes NA
Load to Milestone Yes No
Load to Feature Yes NA
Set Score 2.0 Yes Yes
Load to SFDC Object Yes NA
Load to MDA Subject Area Yes NA
Load to Relationship V2 Yes Yes
Load to Company Yes NA
Success Plans Yes Yes
Load to Relationship Related Objects NA Yes
Load to People Yes Yes
Load to Scorecard History Yes Yes

Gainsight NXT in Salesforce CRM
Content in this section supports Gainsight NXT accessing through Salesforce Login. To learn more about Gainsight NXT in Salesforce, click here.


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