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Navigation Overview

Everything you need to know about navigating Northpass


The navigation bar is divided into seven categories. The access to these categories can vary based on add-ons and package level. Additional school and account settings are located at either corner of the landing page. For more in-depth guidance on these settings, Settings.


This tab helps you to manage all your courses in one place. 

Courses, Media Library, Questions Banks, Quizzes, Assignments, Credentials and our Course Marketplace

In the Content tab, you can build and manage your course content. Use this tab to access the Syllabus Builder to add and/or organize course sections and activities, and edit course settings.

Use the media library to upload and manage video, document, presentation, and SCORM files in one central place. This feature is particularly useful when you need to perform bulk uploads, or if you have the same asset used in multiple courses.


Seamlessly manage all the people in your school.

People, Groups

Use the People tab to access the People Center and add admins, instructors, and learners. In this tab, you can also find the Groups tool that allows you to add learners in bulk to one or more courses.

By clicking a learner's name, you're able to edit permissions, assign courses, and more. You can also edit general user info such as name, profile picture, and email by clicking Edit Profile


From your logo to your domain, gain full control of your school’s experience.

General Styling, School Website Styling, and Learning Experience Styling.

In the Design tab, you can style your school and learning experience, and manage the navigation on your school website. Advanced customizations are also accessible in this tab through the Custom School Templates (for the overall school).


Leverage these dashboards to gain actionable insight into learner performance and academy adoption.

School Activity, People Leaderboard, Multiple Course Analysis, Course Progress Stats, Single Course Analysis, Single Quiz Analysis, Multiple Quiz Performance, Multiple Quiz Raw Answers, Assignment Submissions, SCORM Package Analysis, and Credential Achievements

The Analytics tab houses all of the metrics for your school, including School Activity, Course Progress Data, Quiz Related Data, & data tied to different apps that can be enabled.


Manage the communications sent to people within your schoolEmails, Delivery Log, and Configurations

Easily connect with learners, managers, and admins within the platform on a variety of topics. You can also customize the look and feel of your emails that are sent to learners by clicking Configuration.


See your active integrations and browse other possibilities in one easy location

The Apps tab is your portal into Northpass' native features and third-party tools. Use this tab to enable apps in your school.


This feature is for Enterprise or Premium Customers only

Properties in the Automation Tab

Properties allow you to deliver a limitless number of personalized learning experiences to your learners for better engagement using your own data.

Properties can be applied to learners, courses, or school-wide. Choose from true/false, whole number, decimal number, or text data to create a more personalized learning experience with information that is relevant to your business and users.

The Properties feature simplifies content management by putting your data to work. You can power course authoring, UI design, and automated workflows from the data within your school.

Account Info & School Settings

Hover over Account on the right-hand side and click Configuration in order to change your admin email or name.

Now on the left-hand side, hover over your company's logo and click School Settings. From here, you can change your domain name, school language, school vocabulary, customer service email, categories (if enabled), cookie notice, privacy policy, Terms of Use, and more.

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