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Share a Course Link


This article guides you to share course links with existing learners or those who need to enroll in a course for the first time.

Prerequisite: Add learners using the Add button in the People Center, and using the URL Authentication or SSO.

Note: The provided links will not work for individuals who are not the existing learners in your school. This feature does not allow new learners to create an account to access a course via the link.

Share Course Links

To share a course link:

  1. Navigate to Content > Courses page.
  2. Select the course you want to share and click on the link icon.
  3. (Optional) Open the selected course and click Share Course Link.

Share a course link.jpg

Customizing the URL for Authentication

If you are using URL Authentication, you may customize the URL to pre-populate the learner's information, allowing them to bypass the login page. Follow the specific instructions provided beneath the URLs for your authentication flow.

Note: Customizing the URL is optional unless you are using UIDs. If using UIDs, you must pre-populate the URL with the learner's UID for access.

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