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How to create course-specific messages

Create automated Course Enrollment and Inactivity Nudge messages triggered just for the selected content

This article helps you to create automated Course Enrollment and explains how to trigger inactivity nudge messages for the selected content.


Personalised emails sent with the right content, to the right audience at the right time are the key to successful communication. With the help of Gainsight CE new Communications features, you can go beyond generic emails and tailor your messages’ content and configuration to the specifics of a selected course. Customize copy, Call-To-Action, and timing of the messaging and drive learner engagement in your academy!

Note: This feature is available to our Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more about setting content-relevant messaging here. For Essentials reach out to your Account Executive to learn about upgrade options.

Configure Course Specific Messages

  1. Use the navigation bar on the top of the screen to go to the Northpass Communications section of your academy. Note: You will need Administrator permissions to do that.
  2. Select Create Message in the top-right corner.
  3. Choose the message type you would like to create and click Create next to it. For the purpose of this walkthrough, we’ll be creating a course-specific Course Enrollment message.
  4. You will be brought to the Settings tab of the newly created message. At this point you can customize its name and description to be able to easily return to it later on. You can also customize the Sender Address and Subject Line of the message to make it even more interesting!
  5. Scroll down to the Course Options, select Specific course(s) and choose the relevant course. Note: You can select multiple courses here just for Course Enrollment messages.
  6. You now have all of the message settings ready! Select Save Settings in the top-right corner.
  7. Switch to the Content tab to continue editing the content of your message.
  8. Tailor the copy of your message to the selected course.
  9. Clearly communicate the Call-To-Action and customize the button so that it takes the recipient straight to the relevant course.
  10. Note: Learn how to find the Course URL in this support article.
  11. (Optional) If you’d like to confirm that the message looks good before sending, send a test email.
  12. Set the message to Enabled in the Settings tab.
  13. Enjoy the automated, hyper-relevant emails, and leverage them to drive engagement in your academy.
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