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Gainsight Inc.

CSM Training

If you are new to working with Gainsight or you're an end user (CSM, TAM, COM, etc.), then we recommend that you start with our Gainsight 100 Series. The course is divided into three parts and discusses how to use Gainsight and it's features (eg. Cockpit, Dashboards, the C360, and more) from an End-User's perspective. Each section will provide you with a video, PDF version of the presentation slides, and a short quiz. Below you will find links to the course pages:

Gainsight 101: Provides an overview of Gainsight from an End User or a CSM's perspective. The series provides you with information on how to work efficiently in Gainsight, how to use its many different features, and how to get Gainsight to work for you to make your life easier instead of more difficult. This is the first of three parts.

Gainsight 102: The second part of the Gainsight 100 series. This section will cover Cockpit, one of the two most used sections for a CSM, as well as Journey Orchestrator.

Gainsight 103: The final part of the Gainsight 100 series. This section covers the Customer 360 or C360, the other area that CSMs typically spend the rest of their time while in Gainsight. It also covers TImeline and its many different uses.

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