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Object Analyzer Admin Guide

Object Analyzer scans all the Objects in the instance and provides insights to improve performance.

Perform the following steps to open and use Object Analyzer:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Gainsight Analyzer > [click on Object Analyzer on the left].


This displays the Object Analyzer Dashboard screen with a quick view summary of all the Objects arranged in tiles at the top of the screen, including the total rules, number of Custom Objects, number of System Objects, and number of Standard Objects in the Org.
The analysis of the Objects appear under the head Object Stats. This contains the list of Objects, Type, Number of Columns, Number of Records, Formula Fields, Update Keys, Volume utilized in MB, and the last modified date., there is a Scan icon.

  1. Click on the Scan icon to the right at the end of the row to see a complete analysis of the particular object.

    Clicking on the Scan icon displays a window that provides a detailed report on the particular object, including the Object Type, Number of Records, Number of Live Records, Volume, Errors and Warnings. If the Object’s performance can be optimized further, a Warning is displayed which defines the improvement area. In the following image, the Analyzer warns that the Object contains duplicate records.


  1. Click on the Object Analyzer icon and scroll down to see two small sections which list out the Objects that have more than 100 fields and more than 10 million records.
    Note: This section calls the attention of the User to high volume Objects to facilitate quick action if required.

3.Object with fields.png

  1. Scroll down to go to the next section of the screen. This section displays Custom Objects that do not have any records and lists out Objects that have no records along with the date of creation.
    Admin can improve manageability by reviewing stale objects and deleting them.

4.deleting them.png

  1. Scroll down to the next section that displays Recommended Features. This section contains a list of recently released features which have not been used even once.
  2. Click on any available recommended feature to navigate to the product documentation about the feature.


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