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Challenge E3: We don't have a consistent view of customer health across our company

Below you'll find resources to help you understand Gainsight's strategy for tracking and scoring customer health, as well as resources to help you implement the process in your own org.

Prep Work & Vault Assets

We recommend you complete the following risk management related exercises before tackling this one:

  • To manage risk – B1

You may also want to review:

  • To manage advocacy – D1

We recommend that you download these Report assets from Vault:

Configuration Resources

In this section, we’ll guide you through implementing the business challenge process. It’s important to keep in mind that every customer instance is unique; while following these examples you may need to make customizations to suit your business processes.

The below exercises are intended to provide a consistent view of your customers’ health. You'll download (or build) a series of reports that summarize customer health and provide visibility into At-Risk customers and Healthy customers.

Step 1: Create reports/dashboards for visibility

We recommend that you download the Report assets from Vault listed in the Prep Work section above, and then add them to a dashboard.

Step 2: Create a process to review accuracy of health score regularly

  • Solicit regular feedback from consumers (teams) of your reports and dashboards
  • Confirm that CTAs and the associated Playbook are sufficient for your CSM team
  • Spot-check scorecards on a regular cadence to confirm that subjective scores are being updated consistently

Next Steps

Now that you’ve created organizational visibility into customer health, how can you take your processes to the next level? We suggest reviewing these challenges:

  • Do you need to create more visibility to your management team on activities your CSMs are doing around the customer lifecycle? Review V3D challenge C4.
  • Do you have happy customers that could be used in advocacy opportunities? Review V3D challenge D1.
  • Are your sales reps and Executives often blindsided by customer risks? Consider automating outreaches that notify sales reps of an at-risk customer when they are working a renewal/upsell. Also, utilize Gainsight’s dashboard emails to notify Executives of overall customer health and at risk customers. Review V3D challenge E1.

Additional Best Practices Resources

The following resources may be most useful for your VP of CS and CSM team: