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Challenge D2: We have no scalable way to track our sponsors as they go to new companies

The following resources can help you identify opportunities when a key champion leaves your customer. Having a key sponsor leave a customer is often seen as a risk, but depending on the situation, it can create an opportunity for you. At Gainsight, we find these opportunities through Sponsor Tracking, which systematically tracks any role or company changes of core contacts among our customers.

Prep Work & Vault Assets

Below is the prep-work for this tutorial, with best practices and optional resources to download from Vault. You may also want to complete challenge B7 before tackling this challenge.

Download Vault Assets:

Enable the C360 Section for Sponsor Tracking

  • Administration > C360 Sections
  • Click “edit” on the Sponsor Tracking section
  • Click the check box next to Customer 360 and Account Widget, which will make Sponsor Tracking appear in both of those views
    • (Optional) You may configure:
    • Fields that show on Track Contact grid
    • Fields that show on Track Contact card
    • Fields that can be used for search contact
    • Specify field mapping to be used in Connect6 API calls
  • Click Save

Configuration Resources

In this section, we’ll guide you through implementing the business challenge process. It’s important to keep in mind that every customer instance is unique; while following these examples you may need to make customizations to suit your business processes.

The Gainsight features we will use for this exercise: Sponsor Tracking, C360, Reports and Dashboard.

Step 1: Identify and Track key customer champions

  • Identify champions
    • Determine what makes a champion for your organization
  • Input those champions into Sponsor Tracking
    • Allows for easy tracking of champions
    • To allow for Sponsor Tracking, create new SFDC contact record for champion at new company

Step 1a:  Define your Process for Sponsor Moves:

  • If company is a current customer, fire CTA for new champion
  • If company is not a customer, Sales or former CSM to reach out to set up a conversation

Step 2: Build a Report to track sponsors at new companies

  • Administration > Report Builder
  • Build 2-3 reports to track risks
  • Add Reports to Layout
  • One example of a report, entitled Key Roles at New Companies, can be found below:
    • Include Roles such as:
    • Adoption Champion
    • Gainsight Admin
    • Decision Maker


Next Steps

Now that you’ve created a process to track key sponsors as they move to different companies, how can you take your processes to the next level? We suggest reviewing these challenges:

  • Do you need to create more visibility to your management team on activities your CSMs are doing around the customer lifecycle? Review V3D challenge C4.
  • Do you have happy customers that could be used in advocacy opportunities? Review V3D challenge D1.
  • Are your sales reps and Executives often blindsided by customer risks? Consider automating outreaches that notify sales reps of an at-risk customer when they are working a renewal/upsell. Also, utilize Gainsight’s dashboard emails to notify Executives of overall customer health and at risk customers. Review V3D challenge E1.

Additional Best Practice Resources

The following resources may be most useful for your VP of CS and CSM team:

Additional Configuration Resources

If you need additional information about how to use sponsor tracking, see the resources below: