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For simplicity, we've consolidated all of our webinar descriptions onto this one page. Here you'll find links to register for webinars hosted by the Gainsight CSM team, as well as admin office hours and training webinars, and release webinars.

Please read below for details on upcoming webinars and register to save your seat:

Product Webinars

Gainsight releases new functionality once a quarter (and patches more often). Around the time of the major release, we host webinars to review the changes and enhancements. Our next major release is scheduled for May 23, 2017. 

May 24, 2017 at 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM PT - Advanced Outreach, Email Templates 2.0 -- Register

May 25, 2017 at 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM PT - Scorecards 2.0, Timeline, and more -- Register

CSM-team Hosted Webinars

Our Customer Success team hosts ‘Gainsight on Gainsight’ live webinars every other week. These sessions are typically on Wednesdays between 9:00 - 10:00am PT. In these sessions, we’ll explore topics relevant to Customer Success teams, challenges we’ve faced, and our approach to solving them.

May 17, 2017 10:00am-10:45am PT -- Living in Gainsight: Linked Objects & Email Assist -- Register

Join us for this two-part series! Nadav Shem-Tov and Aurelia Wollen, two Gainsight CSMs, will talk about how using Linked Objects and Email Assist allows them to do more in less time.

May 31, 2017 9:30am-10:15am PT -- Living in Gainsight: Timeline & Attributes -- Register

Join us for this two-part series! Dan Ahrens and Elaine Cleary, two Gainsight CSMs, will talk about how using Timeline and Attributes allows them to do more in less time.

Administrator Office Hours

Admin Office Hours are opportunities to get your technical questions answered in a small group setting with product experts. We ask you to register in advance, and to submit your questions on registration -OR- email to Several questions will be selected to work on in-session, along with tips/tricks that are applicable to a general audience, and time for open Q & A. We recommend that you follow the category in the Community to automatically to receive frequent updates!

FAQ - 1:Many Admin Office Hours

Onboarding Weekly Implementation Webinars

These webinars are intended for customers who are in their initial onboarding, and address follow-on implementation steps.

Step 7 - Engagement Data Overview (Tuesdays) Register Here

Gainsight enables you to collect and visualize data points from various sources in one, easy to access interface. Once your data is aggregated in Gainsight you may leverage our powerful rules engine to evaluate positive and negative trends in behavior, proactively notify team members when action should be taken, and quickly prepare for customer and internal meetings.

Each organization will have metrics unique to their business and processes, but you may find it helpful to see common types of metrics captured by other users of Gainsight. Engagement data generally falls into four basic categories: product usage, brand and marketing engagement, support engagement, and success engagement.

During this webinar, we'll review options for importing usage data, including sources, automation and product granularity.

Step 8 - Advanced Scorecard Metrics (Wednesdays) Register Here

How do you measure the health of your customer? During this webinar, we'll expand on the scorecard metrics we built during onboarding by introducing additional metrics based on your usage data. This webinar will be helpful to think about which metrics will feed into your customer's overall health scorecard. Up till now, you've been updating scorecards manually and using the rules engine, but did you know Gainsight has a data-driven scorecard option called SmartSigns? Learn how to use objective and subjective metrics to drive insight into the overall health of your customers!

Step 9 - Engagement Analytics (Thursdays) Register Here

During this webinar, we'll review the Engagement tab in Gainsight to help you understand trends in your data and visualize how customers are engaging with your product. While the Trends tab lets you view a graphical representation of data over all users. Lastly, using the Explorer feature you can view which users have adopted which features and capabilities. You’ll learn how to take advantage of these features to better understand usage within your product and identify top users.

Step 10 - Triggered Email Communications (Fridays) Register Here

How can you scale your CSM team? By defining ‘No Touch’ and ‘Low Touch’ portfolios you can proactively engage with customers without overextending your resources. In the webinar, we’ll explore the various ways you can segment your customers in Gainsight and we’ll create a series of emails to keep them engaged.

Step 11 - Engagement Triggered CTAs (Mondays) Register Here

Over the past few weeks, you’ve been importing your engagement data and starting to identify trends, so now what? It's time to take advantage of our powerful Rules Engine and create CTAs that empower your CSMs and Account Managers to better manage their customers and provide them with insight into when they should reach out.

During this webinar we'll review CTAs that monitor drops in usage, potential upsell opportunities and other usage-based notifications, such as:

  • Unengaged Customers
  • 90% Usage Reached
  • Low Engagement Risk
  • Dropping Health Score

Webinar Recordings

Click here to access recent webinar recordings.

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